Are you interested in advertising on our blog or other types of marketing in cooperation with us? Here you can read about different kinds of cooperations. If you want to know more about blog reach and about our readers you can read more about our Swedish travel blog. You are also welcome to read our PR Policy.

Contact us by email


We can place ads between blogposts, on the main page or other relevant pages. All ads are visible regardless of device used, such as laptop, iPad or smartphone. Please note that we choose what ads we want to incorporate on the page, as we want them to fit with the content and design of the blog. Prices can be discused on email or phone.

Articles on our blog

We are open to cooperation about blogposts on our blog, as long as we find the subject interesting and congruent with the content of the blog. Please note that we always write our own honest opinions and that we follow Swedish law, which means that cooperations always have to be clearly marked out.

We can also publish articles written by others that ourselves, but then the article has to be marked out as a guest post. Here you can see some examples of previous cooperations about articles published on our blog:


Do you and your company want to arrange a competition together with us on our blog? Please send us an email if you have an idea which you believe can be of interest to our readers, and we can discuss the arrangements together!

We can market the competition in a blogpost, put it on the ”Tävla” page and also share information about it on our Facebook-page. When the campaign is done we can present statistics about reach and interaction. Here you can see examples of previous competitions we have arranged: