FREEDOMtravel is the biggest blog about travel, adventure and camping i Sweden and is run by Helena och Peter Bergström. Here we describe our PR Policy.

General policy

On the blog we publish articles about issues we choose to write about and think that our readers can be interested of. Comments are welcome and are approved if they do not include personal attacks or other things that are against the law.


All texts and photos published on the blog are ours unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to give a link to our site if you find anything of interest, If you want to use our texts or photos please get in touch with us.

Email us

Press Mail & Product tests

To offer our readers good and relevant information we keep updated on travel, adventure and camping. We continously recieve press mail and are invited to events where companies present products or services.

To try out a product or a service is sometimes necessary to write an interesting blog post, and our opinions presented are always our own. It is not possible to buy our opinions.

Cooperation and partners

We stand behind everythig we write in our blog posts, also when we write a post in cooperation with a carefully chosen company, and we only write about subjects we are interested in or believe are of interest for our readers. All cooperations and sponsored posts will be marked according to the Swedish marketing act.

Of course we have signed the petition from Better Bloggers #jagsmygerinte – for an ethical and professional blog business.


Jag ämnar följa marknadsföringslagen och vara tydlig mot mina läsare/följare kring vad som är sponsrat innehåll och produktplacering på min blogg och i mina sociala kanaler.