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Party in the car park again, Albufeira, Portugal

Yesterday it was time for a party for the Swedes at the car park in Albufeira, here in Portugal, again. Some have moved on and others have been added. Soon many will part again - to eventually be seen at some other site somewhere in Portugal or Spain. It's good to get together and celebrate while there's still time!

Sandwich cake and whiskey

It was not so long ago that it was party at the caravan park in Albufeira last time. That time there was a birthday party and it all ended with dancing and music at high volume in one of the motorhomes. Now it was time again!

This time we offered a delicious sandwich cake here at the the car park in Albufeira and it was a really nice afternoon and evening at the long table. For our part, the evening ended with fine whiskey in Eva and Lasse's large motorhome, which they live in permanently.

Ställplats gitarr
Buffan fest

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