It's easy to forget something when packing - but it's just as easy to accidentally overpack. On this page, we have gathered a lot of practical packing tips, both for those travelling by campervan or car and for those travelling by plane or train.

Smart packing tips

In the following post, we have gathered some smart tips for packing, both for me travelling by train/plane and for you travelling by motorhome/caravan. Scroll down a little further and you'll find our e-book with the complete packing list for your European motorhome trip.

Packa för kylan

Travelling with pets

Planning to take your dog or cat on holiday? Or maybe the budgie? If you are travelling with a dog or cat outside Sweden but within the EU, you need to remember that the animal must be identified with an ISO microchip, have a valid vaccination against rabies and have an EU passport. If you're travelling outside the EU, it's a bit trickier, and you'll basically have to check the rules with each individual country.

Katt på camping

Packing your campervan for Europe

Are you planning a European motorhome trip? Are you going down for a few weeks on holiday or will you be on the road for several months? We've put together a guide to packing your motorhome for your European trip, which also includes lots of practical tips on things to consider.

Of course, packing can be different depending on your interests, where you plan to travel, the time of year and so on, but we hope that this packing list can serve as a checklist to make packing easier! If you want the 'quick version', read our tip on ten essential items to pack in your campervan.


Download our e-book - for free!

The packing list is available as an e-book in Epub format. This means that the easiest way to read it is to download it and transfer it to your tablet or iPad. You can also read books in Epub format on a computer, but you may need to download an additional programme, for example from Adobe Digital Editions. Download the e-book by clicking on the link below:

Packa husbilen för Europaresan

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