We are Helena & Peter Bergström. We live in a houseboat in Stockholm, Sweden and travel as often as we can – by plane, train, boat or our camper FREEDOM. You can read more about us if you scroll down.

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Do you want to get in contact with us? Please contact us by email or phone! You can contact us on kontakt@freedomtravel.se or by phone: +46769414041

Peter & Helena

Our trips

We have travelled in around 50 countries in five continents, by plane, train, boat or camper. We love to discover new places, try out new foods and meet new people. During the last ten years we have, among other trips, travelled the Trans Siberian Railway, been backpacking in Kenya and Tanzania, been roadtripping and adventure hunting in New Zealand, went on beach holiday in Ukraine and been island hopping in the Philippines.

During 2015 we explored Europe by taking one year off from work and travel with our camper around the coast of Europe, from Normandy in the west to Albania and Macedonia in the east. During 2016 we plan several shorter trips, for example to Croatia and Hungary.

Skidresa till Österrike

Our camper

The camper is an Adria Coral 660 sp from 2007, but we have made an ”extreme motorhome makeover” so it’s not really recognizable … Peter has made the design and had it foliated on the outside.

The camper is now equipped with alarm on the doors, motion alarm, safety box, double batteries, solar panel anda portable power station. And ”some” extra lights and sound systems and things like that of course… Here you can see some pictures of the camper before and after the makeover.

Our houseboat

The houseboat is from the 1930s. From the beginning it was a passenger boat and then it layed in Djurgården in Stockholm as a houseboat before it came to Pampas marina in Solna in Stockholm. Today it’s a houseboat without motor, permanently laying at the jetty, with water and drain connected to it.

The summer 2014 we liftet the boat up on land and made an extensive renovation. We tore the whole living room and built a new one, changed all the panel and all windows and made new roofing. Here you can see more photos of the houseboat, before and after the renovation.

The houseboat in summer 2014

Our travel magazine

We write about travelling, adventure and camping, but also about houseboat life and lifestyle in general.

  • Travel – We travel in the neighborhood as well as far away. Our blogposts include destinations, attractions, restaurants, culture and nature.
  • Adventure – We like to visit unexpected destinations and the adventure might include everything from exciting cultural encounters to backpacking, wildlife or rafting.
  • Camping – We write about our trips in a camper, both in Sweden and abroad. Sometimes w also write about camping in a caravan or in a tent.

Today the magazine has approximately 90,000 unique visitors each month, and we also have FacebookInstagram and a webshop. We have published one article per day since 2009 and aim to present a travel magazine that is both informative and personal. Do you represet a company which is interested in advertising and partnerships? Read more about our Swedish travel magazine.

Göra en egen e-bok

What do we do in everyday life?

To run a travel magazine is actually a full time job, but to get the life together as a travel writer is not always easy (even though it is nearly always crazy fun). That means that we also do some other work, at least one of us. Peter has been working as a carpenter for many years, but the last years he has been working full time with the magazine.

Helena has a PhD degree in public health sciences, from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The last years she has been working with public health related issues, both at Karolinska Institute and in for the Stockholm County Council. We have no children together, but Peter has two grown up sons, Robin and Billie, who both have moved out and are working.

Moules frites i Nice

Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev