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Holiday reading and part-time work

Then it was Friday again, and we have been home in Sweden for almost a week of work. But nowadays I (Helena) actually only work half time. Or yes, it depends on how you see it of course ...

Holiday reading

One good thing about the trip was that we finally got to read books! Peter was reading "Lazarus" by Kepler and was completely fixed. Really exciting! I read "Jag är fan inte inskränkt" by Anders Königsson (which I received as a review copy) and "Färjan" by Mats Strandberg.

The first one was great to read while travelling because it's about a guy who goes on a backpacking trip to Asia and Australia after his girlfriend breaks up with him and leaves him with a plane ticket for what was originally supposed to be a joint trip. The protagonist is young and uninterested in most things outside his own little bubble, and makes a somewhat surprising acquaintance with the outside world. The book is an easy read, but perhaps more interesting for younger readers.

"The Ferry" is awesome! If I tell you it's about two vampires travelling aboard a Finnish ferry in a camper van (!) you might be hesitant, but don't be. You quickly get close to the different characters and their everyday worries, and when the story gently takes the step into the supernatural, you hold on tightly to the book. Read!

Finally Half-time jobs

I have long wanted to go down in working hours at my "regular" job, as I want to be able to devote more time to the blog, travelling, writing for magazines, etc. Now I have finally got the opportunity to do this, and the fact that half the time is together with super nice colleagues and a really fun project does not make things worse. I've already received requests to work extra in another project, but I'm going to try not to work too much ...

What happened to the stain?

You might be wondering what happened to the olive oil stain we got on the carpet after the event. Storm Alfrida. Firstly, we would like to thank most humble for all the great tips we received! We started by soaking up the oil with paper towels. Then we thought about using potato flour (which several people recommended), but we didn't have any at home, and then we thought the stain might be too dry for that. Instead, we used water and detergent. The stain is not gone, but it is significantly better. Maybe we'll try again!

Refreshed after your holidays?

Shouldn't you be rested after your holiday? We have jet lag and a cold. We wake up at 4am every morning and are super excited to get to work. I guess we're not equally alert in the evenings, so to speak ...

By the way, in the picture you can see some of the beers we picked out of the "stash", which we bought in Germany and Belgium last summer. We will probably try some of them this weekend! Peter also has an ambition to review his DJI Pocket video camera as soon as he can.

How has your week been? What can you highlight as the most positive aspect of the week?


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