Holidays in Ångermanland offer uniquely beautiful views. Here you can spend your time in a world heritage site with stunning colours, high mountains and deep valleys whether you travel by train, boat or perhaps motorhome.

Holidays in Ångermanland

During your holiday in the Ångermanland World Heritage Site, you can visit great cities like Örnsköldsvik, Härnösand, Sollefteå and Kramfors. If you are travelling in High coast you won't want to miss the main sights, such as Skuleberget, Skuleberget National Park, Slåttdalskrevan and the pulpit on Getsvedjeberget. Here you can also take wonderful boat trips to Ulvöarna, Trysunda, Högbonden, Mjältön and Hemsön.

Tips for your holiday in Ångermanland

Things to do in Ångermanland

Take boat trips to beautiful islands, hike the dramatic world heritage sites, see rock carvings, experience the beautiful cities, fish in the Ångermanälven river, visit Sweden's highest island or take a tour of Mannaminne.

Good to know before your holiday in Ångermanland?

Here you will find things to know before your holiday in Ångermanland.

Accommodation in Ångermanland

  • Hotels, cottages and hostels: There are many different types of accommodation around Ångermanland.
  • Camping and caravanning sites: There are plenty of campsites and caravan parks, many of which are located in scenic locations. Read more about campsites and pitches in Ångermanland here.
  • Free camping: Free camping with a motorhome is fine as long as you follow laws and local regulations.

Food and drink in Ångermanland

  • Regional courts: Herb-marinated Skeppsmalen salmon with incomparable fruit sauce, Surströmming clip, Salmon box with surströmming. More about Swedish food.
  • Delicacies: Take a tour of farm shops selling local products such as flatbread and sour cream.
  • Desserts: Cinnamon cake and cloudberries
  • Drinks: Several microbreweries exist

Activities in Ångermanland

  • Nature: Hiking, cycling, canoeing, golf, fishing and boat trips on the High Coast and the rest of Ångermanland.
  • Culture: Art and galleries are growing all the time
  • History: World heritage sites, land elevations, national park, museums.
  • For children: Bathing and camping

Famous people

  • Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
  • Ice hockey players Peter "Foppa" Forsberg, Marcus Näslund, Anders Hedberg, Niklas Sundström, Henrik and Daniel Sedin.
  • Skier Magdalena Forsberg (ullånger)
  • Musicians Titti Sjöblom and Ehrling Eliasson
  • Skicross skier Sandra Näslund
  • Director Andreas Öhman  

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