Here we present campsites and pitches in Denmark - our personal experiences of pitches, campsites and other places to stay. The sites are presented from north to south.

Why camp in Denmark?

There are plenty of campsites in Denmark, and many of them are in beautiful locations close to nature. There are also caravan parks around the country. In Denmark, you can experience exciting cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus, but also enjoy nature, for example at Skagen.

Campsites and pitches in Denmark

Ställplatser i Danmark

Copenhagen - Camping Absalon

  • DescriptionA good year-round campsite about 8-10 km from the centre of Copenhagen. There is a commuter train within walking distance of the campsite so you can go into the city centre. 
  • Service: Service centre with toilets and showers, etc.
  • Price: About 300 SEK/day (2018)
  • Find here: Korsdalsvej 132, 2610 Rødovre.
Peter Helena Absalon
Peter and Helena Bergström in Denmark, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

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Info and facts about Denmark

  • Capital city: Copenhagen
  • Language: Danska
  • Residents: 5.7 million (2017)
  • Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
  • Price mode: More expensive than in Sweden
  • Water: Drinking beard
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Flag: The flag of Denmark is red and white, a white cross on a red background.

Roads and driving in Denmark

  • Roads: The roads in Denmark are of a good standard. Marguerite rods shows the way to many beautiful places.
  • Road tolls: There is no charge for driving on the roads, but there are charges for bridges and ferries. Here you can read more about Öresund Bridge and The Great Belt Bridge.
  • Speed limits: Passenger cars and motorhomes under 3.5 tonnes drive on motorways at 130 (or 110 if the signs say so). Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes may only drive at 80 on the motorway (unless you have a sticker issued by the Benefits).
  • Per mille limit: 0,5
  • Traffic rules: Talking on a handheld phone and sending text messages while driving is prohibited. On motorways, vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and vehicles with trailers must drive in the right-hand lane.
  • Equipment in the car: It is recommended that you wear a reflective vest in your car.
  • Words in traffic: "One-way" means one-way and "bump" means road bump. Motorhome is called "autocamper" and caravan is called "caravan".
  • Fuel: Diesel and 95 octane petrol, and in some cases also 92 octane.
  • Parking rules: The parking disc must be used in time-limited parking spaces, and to be valid it must have quarters marked on it (not just half hours).
  • Security: Make sure you have Roadside Assistance, so that you can get help on the spot in case of an accident. The emergency number for the country's emergency services is 112.

Rules for camping and pitches in Denmark

  • There are plenty of campsites around the country and there are also pitches in Denmark. 
  • Free camping is permitted if the landowner has given permission. Unless otherwise indicated, it is permitted to stay overnight in a motorhome parked on a road, street or car park.

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