Travel destinations in Finland! Here you will find lots of tips on things to see and do in Finland. Do you like beautiful nature with forests, lakes and the sea, or maybe you like winter sports? Here are our top travel tips for Finland!

Why travel to Finland?

Finland is an exciting and beautiful country to visit. You can discover the capital city of Helsinki, where you can visit the historically interesting Suomenlinna Castle. Once a year the big travel fair Matka is also organised here. Another nice city to visit is Turku.

Finland also offers plenty of nature experiences for those who enjoy hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. In winter there are good opportunities for skiing. Below you will find lots of articles with travel tips.

Travel destinations in Finland - inspirational reading

Resmål i Finland
Helena and Peter Bergström on the ferry to Finland, travel magazine
Resmål i Finland

Info and facts about Finland

  • Capital city: Helsinki
  • Language: Finnish, and Swedish in some areas (including Ostrobothnia and the Turku archipelago).
  • Residents: 5.5 million (2017)
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Flag: White flag with a blue horizontal oblong cross.
  • National anthem: Our country
  • Currency: Euro

Good to know about Finland

  • Price mode: As in Sweden approximately
  • Time difference: + 1 hour compared to Sweden
  • Emergency number: 112
  • El: Like Sweden
  • Water: Drinkable

Travelling to Finland

  • Flight: Services include Stockholm to Helsinki (SAS, Finnair, Norwegian, AirBaltic), Gothenburg to Helsinki (SAS, Norwegian, AirBaltic, Braathens Regional Aviation) and Umeå to Helsinki (SAS, Norwegian, Braathens Regional Aviation).
  • Ferries: Goes from Stockholm to Helsinki, Turku, Mariehamn and Långnäs, from Grisslehamn to Eckerö, from Kapellskär to Mariehamn and Långnäs and from Umeå to Vaasa.

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