Holidays in Medelpad can offer wonderful experiences! When you're in Medelpad, you'll naturally want to visit the beautiful city of Sundsvall. In addition, Medelpad offers a fantastic stretch of coastline.

Holidays in Medelpad

During your holiday in Medelpad you will of course want to visit Sundsvall. In this beautiful city you can stroll in Stenstan, or perhaps visit Södra Berget or Norra Berget.

Medelpad also has a beautiful coastline, and you can take trips to Alnön or Skatan's fishing village, for example. Welcome to Medelpad!

Tips for your holiday in Medelpad

Good to know before your holiday in Medelpad

Here you will find information and things that are good to know before your holiday in Medelpad.

Accommodation in Medelpad

  • Hotels, cottages and hostels: There are many different accommodation options around Medelpad. For example, you can stay at the Clarion Hotel and the Elite Hotel Knaust, which is known for its beautiful staircase. 
  • Camping and caravanning sites: There are plenty of pitches and campsites, many of which are pleasantly located along the coast. Of course, in high season, popular sites can get crowded.
  • Free camping: Free camping with a motorhome or campervan is fine as long as you follow the laws and local regulations.

Food and drink in Medelpad

  • Regional courts: Saddle of pork with potatoes and Karl Johans mushroom puree, raw roasted porcranberries and juniper sauce. Alternatively, tjälknöl.
  • Delicacies: For example, visit the delicatessen Smakrummet!
  • Desserts: Enjoy lingonberries, blueberries and raspberries!
  • Drinks: Why not have a drink at the Clarion Hotel rooftop bar?

Activities in Medelpad

  • Nature: Hiking, cycling, canoeing, golf, fishing and boat trips to various islands.
  • Culture: Art and statues
  • History: Museums and churches
  • For children: Bathing and camping

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