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Campsites and pitches in Albania

Here we present campsites and pitches in Albania - from crazy cheap pitches to campsites in prime locations. We also offer personal tips on things to see and do nearby, while you're on the road. Campsites and pitches in Albania are presented from north to south.

Why camp in Albania?

Camping in Albania is becoming more and more popular, but there are still areas that feel unspoilt. You will find both campsites and pitches, often simple, but also usually very affordable. Albania offers fantastic scenery with high mountains and beautiful beaches, as well as historical sights.

Campsites and pitches in Albania - from north to south


Shkoder - Lake Shkodra resort

  • DescriptionLarge campsite/resort in a great location on Lake Shkoder, just north of Shkoder.
  • Service: Electricity, water, fresh toilets and showers, WiFi included in the price, restaurant and bar.
  • Price: €14/day in low season 2015.
  • Find here: Located between Shkoder and Koplik. Signs show the way.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Shkoder and the surrounding nature. Here we also tried Albanian meze.
Camping vid Ohridsjön i Albanien

Ohridsjön - Erlin beach Camping

  • DescriptionNew, well-maintained and modern site with restaurant, bar, beach and campsite.
  • Service: Electricity, water, fresh toilets and showers, WiFi included in the price, restaurant and bar.
  • Price: 10 euros/day in high season 2015.
  • Find here: Located in the northern part of Lake Ohrid. Large signs point to "Erlin beach bar & camping".
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Discover Lake Ohrid. You may also want to cross the border and visit Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia.
Ställplats i Albanien

Vlora, Radhima - Camperstop Cekodhima

  • Description: Well-maintained and modern pitch next to a restaurant and right by the sea, with beaches.
  • Service: Good place to empty/fill tanks, water, electricity, fresh toilets and showers, WiFi included in the price and restaurant with Italian food.
  • Price: 15 €/day in the high season 2015.
  • Find here: Drive towards Radhima. The road is signposted "CamperStop".
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Discover Albania's dramatic mountain roads.

Livadho beach, Himara - Moskato campsite

  • DescriptionSimple and pleasant campsite in a good location on Livadho beach.
  • Service: Electricity, water, toilet, WiFi included in the price and small bar.
  • Price: 12 euros/day in high season 2015 (half price in winter).
  • Find here: Drive towards Himara and follow signs for Livadho beach and various campsites (several are next to each other).
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Sun and swimming. A bit north of here you meet beautiful and dramatic mountain roads.

Ksamil - camping sunset

  • DescriptionSimple camping (similar to a caravan site) at the Sunset Bar & Restorant restaurant. Nice location right next to a beautiful beach.
  • Service: Electricity, water, toilet, shower, WiFi included in the price and restaurant.
  • Price: 10 euros/day in 2015.
  • Find here: Drive towards Ksamil. The campsite is just north of Ksamil. The signs are visible from the road.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Ksamil with beaches and water sports. You can also make excursions to Saranda, the source Blue Eye and the archaeological site Butrint.
Maten i Albanien
Peter and Helena Bergström in Albania, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

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Car and camping in Albania

  • Capital city: Tirana
  • Language: Albanian (many also know English, Italian or other languages)
  • Residents: 2.8 million (2017)
  • Currency: Leakage (ALL)
  • Price mode: Cheap (much cheaper than Sweden)
  • Religion: Islam (57 %), Christians and others
  • Flag: The flag of Albania features a black double-headed eagle on a red background.

Roads and driving in Albania

  • Border crossing: Albania is not part of the EU; passports and vehicle documents are checked at the border. The passport should be valid six months after the date of departure. You must carry the green card. An international driving licence is not required, but may be useful.
  • Roads: The quality of the roads varies. Some roads can be very good, only to suddenly turn into something of a much lower standard.
  • Road tolls: When leaving the country, foreign nationals have to pay a toll of €1/day.
  • Speed limits: Passenger cars and camper vans under 3.5 tonnes drive on the 110 motorway, the 90 motorway and the 80 road. Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes can only drive on the 80 motorway.
  • Per mille limit: 0,5
  • Traffic rules: Talking on a handheld phone and sending text messages while driving is prohibited. In roundabouts, the right-hand rule applies, unless otherwise indicated. Anyone entering the roundabout has the right of way, i.e. the opposite of Sweden.
  • Words in traffic: "Lavazho" means car wash.
  • Fuel: Diesel can be used as a gazoil.
  • Parking rules: Feel free to use guarded car parks.
  • Security: Make sure you have Roadside Assistance, so you can get help on the spot in case of an accident. Police number 129, ambulance number 127 and emergency services number 128.

Rules for camping and caravanning in Albania

  • Camping: There are more and more campsites and occasional caravan sites around the country. 
  • Free camping: Free camping is allowed if the landowner has given permission. Free camping is allowed on public land, except in national parks.

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  1. Lars Jakobsson says:

    We fell in love with Albania after visiting Sardinia, Sicily, mainland Italy many times, Croatia and Greece. Therefore we were happy to find your blog.
    Thank you for very good information and nice pictures.
    One question I can't find an answer to is what the driving licence rules are. I have an old B-card that has never been cancelled. Is it valid in Albania. Our car has a total weight of 4250 kg. If you have time to answer, I would be grateful.

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