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Travel destinations in Malta! Here you'll find inspiration for things to see and do in Malta. Do you like crystal clear waters, medieval cities or adventures in beautiful nature? Here are our top tips for travelling to Malta!

Why travel to Malta?

Great climate for sun and swimming and crystal clear waters. In many places there are cliffs, but there are also sandy beaches. There are plenty of pleasant boat trips, including to the beautiful islands of Comino and Gozo. There are plenty of restaurants with both local and foreign food and St Julian's has a lively nightlife.

The island is full of grand citadels and powerful churches, such as St John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta. Malta has a dramatic and bloody history, involving many different nationalities. Find lots of articles about Malta here.

Travel destinations in Malta - inspirational reading

resmål på Malta
Peter and Helena Bergström in Malta, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

What to do in Malta - 25 things to do and see

There's plenty to see and do around Malta, of course, and this article gives you plenty of tips on what to see and do.

More destinations in Malta

resmål på Malta


Comino is a small island between Gozo and the main island. There are only three inhabitants, but the island is famous for its clear waters. Take a daytime boat trip here from Malta (which we did) or spend a night in the island's only hotel.

Info and facts about Malta

  • Capital city: Valletta
  • Language: Maltese and English
  • Residents: 460 000 (2017)
  • Currency: Euro
  • Religion: Christianity (mostly Catholicism)
  • Flag: The flag of Malta is white and red, with a heraldic element from the Crusaders.
  • National anthem: The Maltese Inn 

Good to know about Malta

  • Price mode: Like Sweden or something cheaper
  • Time difference: None
  • Emergency number: 112
  • El: UK sockets, adapter required!
  • Water: It is drinkable
  • Think about? When visiting churches, as in many other countries, challenging clothing should be avoided.

Accommodation in Malta

  • Hotel: Malta offers everything from luxury to budget accommodation. From the posh Le Meridien in St Julians with its spa and all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, or the Fortina Spa Resort with its stunning views of the entire valley, to a simple room at the Chalet Hotel in Sliema next to the sea for very little money.

Travelling to Malta

  • Flight: Direct flights with Ryanir from Skavsta Airport to Luqa Airport in Malta take 3 hours 50 minutes. Direct flight from Gothenburg with Ryanair to Luqa Airport in Malta is 3 h 30 min.
  • Ferry: You can also travel to Malta by ferry from Catania or Pozzallo in Sicily (Grimaldi Lines or Virtu Ferries) or from Salerno in Italy (Grimaldi Lines).

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  1. Johnny says:

    As the digital nomad I am, I have somewhat spontaneously bought a plane ticket to Malta at the end of November. 10 years since I was last there. Will be exciting! 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Johnny, how nice that you are going to Malta! Hope you have a nice trip! 🙂

  3. Travelsis says:

    So many good restaurant tips in Malta, really good, as we are going there soon, thanks!

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