On this page we have collected links to valuable information on travel, adventure and camping. You will find links to forums, destinations, flight search engines, car hire companies, campsites, other travel and caravanning blogs and much more.

Destinations & experiences

Below you will find links to information and tips on destinations and experiences, both in Sweden and abroad.

Gadgets & gifts

Looking for gadgets and gifts? In this section we collect links to sites where you can find just that.

Newspapers and magazines

Under this heading you will find links to various digital newspapers and magazines.

  • Topics.se - Website with news, guides and exciting topics
  • Tourism news - The trade magazine of the Swedish hospitality industry

Travelling by air or car

Under this heading we collect links to sites that focus on travelling, by air as well as by car and other vehicles.


Below you will find sites that collect accommodation for your holiday, both in Sweden and abroad.


Under the heading 'Motorhome/caravan/tent' you will find sites that focus on camping and camping vehicles or tents.

International travel blogs

Looking for travel tips and inspiration? Here we bring together inspiring travel bloggers from around the world.

  • Frame the Globe is a lovely travel blog with destinations from all over the world.

Blogs about motorhome life

Here we collect blogs about motorhome life and motorhome travelling, both in Sweden and abroad. We only include blogs that are updated in 2024.


Here you will find pages suitable for those looking for a new job.

  • job search - Find jobs now
  • Student job - A job portal aimed specifically at students and young professionals. Get help with CV and cover letter writing, or check out extra jobs across Sweden!

This page contains external links. We are not responsible for the content of the sites we link to. 

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