Holidays in south-eastern Europe! Here you'll find everything from paradise beaches and nature experiences to adventure and big cities. Let our travel tips inspire you to start planning your trip!

Click on the country you are interested in and find lots of inspiration and ideas. All tips are based on our or our guest writers' experiences. Let the dreams begin for a wonderful holiday in south-eastern Europe!

Holidays in south-eastern Europe

Which countries are included in South-Eastern Europe can vary depending on the starting point. We have chosen to interpret the concept in purely geographical terms, so here you can read about the countries located in the south-eastern corner of Europe. Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found under holidays in southern Europe.

Balkan Peninsula

The Balkan Peninsula includes Albania and the countries of the former Yugoslavia (except Slovenia), as well as Bulgaria and Greece. Several of these countries have stunningly beautiful Mediterranean coastlines with crystal clear waters. Bulgaria has a Black Sea coastline and North Macedonia has charming holiday resorts on Lake Ohrid, which is half in Albania and half in North Macedonia.

In addition to sun and sea, this area offers everything from natural beauty to historical sights. On the plus side, prices are relatively low, especially in Albania and Macedonia. Read more about the country you're interested in:

restips för Montenegro
Montenegro in south-east Europe

Turkey and Cyprus

Two other favourites in south-eastern Europe are Cyprus and Turkey. Cyprus is a popular destination for sunbathing and swimming, where you can also see historical sights or experience local culture in the countryside. Turkey has many holiday resorts, but also spectacular scenery, such as the famous and beautiful Cappadocia. Both countries offer fantastic food, with savoury dishes, scrambles and grills. Read more here:

Resa till Cypern - semester i sydöstra Europa
View of the sea in Cyprus

More tips for your holiday in south-eastern Europe

You can find tips for your holiday in South-East Europe by clicking on the countries above. Not sure what to choose? Here's a top list (in no particular order) of ten great holiday destinations in south-eastern Europe:

  1. Istanbul in Turkey - 25 tips for sights and experiences
  2. Derinkuyu in Turkey - the underground city
  3. Nesebar in Bulgaria - 10 tips for the World Heritage City
  4. Agritourism in Cyprus - 7 tips for the Cyprus countryside
  5. Kotor in Montenegro - a beautiful world heritage city
  6. Varna in Bulgaria - 13 things to see and do
  7. Cappadocia in Turkey - sights and experiences
  8. Pafos in Cyprus - a Unesco World Heritage Site by the sea
  9. Saranda in Albania - and five great excursions
  10. Sofia in Bulgaria - 11 things to see and do
Kappadokien i Turkiet
Cappadocia in Turkey

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