The digital travel magazine was started in 2009 by us, Peter and Helena Bergström. The magazine offers inspiration about travel destinations in Sweden, Europe and the world, and we update with a new article every morning at 06:00.

FREEDOMtravel - Sweden's most popular travel magazine

FREEDOMtravel is a travel magazine that inspires small and big adventures, in Sweden as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. The magazine is aimed at independent and curious travellers with an interest in nature, culture and other experiences. The reports are suitable for anyone travelling by car, motorhome, caravan, motorcycle, train or boat - and for anyone who flies and wants to embark on adventures and excursions. - new stories every day

Every day, at 06:00, you will find a new article on The reports are written by us, Helena and Peter Bergström, or by one of our dedicated guest writers. You can check the site every day, free of charge, or subscribe to our newsletter, which goes out via email every Sunday or Monday.

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You can also search the articles to find reports on a specific country or region. Look in the main menu and start from "Sweden", "Europe" or "World".

Statistics: Who are our readers?

We use Google Analytics, the industry standard and one of the most reliable tools for analysing website traffic. You can find out more about our readers here:

  • Unique visitors/month: 120 000
  • Page views/month: 230 000
  • Geographical spread: 93 % in Sweden and 2.5 % in other Nordic countries.
  • queue: 56 % are women
  • Age: See diagram below

Want to know even more about readers and their interests? Read the this readership surveywhich was published in January 2024.

Web shop

The site also includes a online shop where you will find smart and fun gadgets for those who love travelling, leisure, motorhomes, caravans and boats. You'll also find Swedish gifts that are perfect for your camping friends or to take with you when travelling abroad.

Social media

We use FacebookInstagram, YouTube and Mynewsdesk. Below you can see the number of followers. For collaborations, we can always provide a detailed report on reach and interaction. Read more about our social media here. Number of followers:

  • Facebook: 4 000+
  • Instagram: 13 000+
  • Youtube: 450+

The physical magazine: summer magazines on campsites

In summer 2021 and summer 2022, we published a physical magazine that was printed in 100,000 copies and distributed to 600 campsites, from Mora in the north to Ystad in the south, as well as to a bunch of motorhome dealers. You can see all versions here:

FREEDOMtravel magasin

Awards for FREEDOMtravel is one of Sweden's largest digital magazines about travel, adventure and camping. The magazine has received several awards:

2021 – 2022

2018 – 2020




Report on FREEDOMtravel in the media

We and our travel magazine have been featured in numerous newspaper and website stories, as well as on radio and podcasts:








2009 – 2013

Ett år med husbil i Europa

Co-operation partners

We are members of several important networks for writers and influencers, such as Swedish Travel Blogs, Swedish Travel Bloggers, Nordic Nomads, Professional Travel Bloggers Association and Influencers of Sweden.

We have cooperated with many different companies and tourism agencies, such as Bulgaria Travel, Croatia Tourism Board, Czech Tourism, Germany Tourism, Hungarian Tourism, Live Riga, Malta Tourism Authority, Morocco Tourism Board, Poland Tourism, Switzerland Tourism, Visit Estonia, Visit Flanders and Visit Turku.

Privacy policy

We at FREEDOMtravel care about your personal integrity and strive for a high level of security when processing your personal data. This travel magazine is password protected and no one other than us (Peter and Helena) has access to it.

If you leave information on our website (such as your name and email address in a comment), this is recorded. This information is never given or sold to third parties, nor is it used to send you newsletters or other information not specifically requested. If you wish to remove personal data from our website, you can easily do so by contacting us at

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