Travel destinations in Israel! Here you will find inspiration about places to visit in Israel. Do you like historical and religious sights, like swimming or maybe diving? Here are our top tips for travelling to Israel!

Why travel to Israel?

Israel is a historically exciting country, full of ancient and religious sights. Here you can discover everything from 2000-year-old settlements to the religious sites of the three world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. If you're interested in religion and history, you won't want to miss Jerusalem.

You can also sunbathe and swim, either in Eilat on the Red Sea or in Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean. The Red Sea also offers a fantastic underwater life for those who enjoy snorkelling and diving. Find tips and inspiration for your trip to Israel here.

Travel destinations in Israel - inspirational reading

resmål i Israel

Helena and Peter Bergström in Israel, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel
resmål i Israel

Info and facts about Israel

  • Capital city: Jerusalem
  • Language: Hebrew and Arabic
  • Residents: 8.7 million (2017)
  • CurrencySheqel (ILS)
  • Religion: Judaism, the Palestinian minority is Muslim.
  • Flag:  The flag of Israel is white with two blue bands and a Star of David in the centre.
  • National anthem: Hatikvah

Good to know about Israel

  • Price mode: Expensive (more expensive than Sweden)
  • Time difference: +1 hour
  • Emergency number: 112 (from mobile phone), police: 100, medical: 101, fire: 102
  • El: There are both "normal" sockets and sockets that require an adapter.
  • Water: Usually drinkable, but may taste different. If in doubt, choose bottled water.
  • Watch out: Travelling in Israel is mostly safe, but due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is advisable to stay updated on the security situation, at least if you plan to visit Jerusalem or the West Bank.
  • Think about: The Jewish day of rest, Shabbat, is celebrated every week, from sunset on Friday evening until 'three stars appear' on Saturday evening. During this time, many places are closed.

Travelling to Israel

  • Flight: Flights go directly from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Tel Aviv with Norwegian, and the flight takes 4 h 55 min. Several other airlines (Air Baltic, Ukraine Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and others) fly between Stockholm and Tel Aviv, with a stopover in, for example, Istanbul,
    Munich or Kiev.

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