Here we present campsites and pitches in Portugal - everything from several really good pitches close to the sea and city centre to cheap and good campsites around southern Portugal. We also offer personal tips on things to see and do nearby, while you're on the road. We're travelling from north to south, so fasten your seatbelts because we're off!

Why camp in Portugal?

Many people travel by motorhome in Portugal, and there are plenty of campsites around the country. There are also many large and popular pitches in Portugal, especially on the Algarve coast. Portugal offers dramatic scenery with high cliffs, but also sun, swimming, surfing and fresh fish.

Campsites and pitches in Portugal - from north to south

Portugal, Camping Carminha

Caminha - Camping Orbitur

  • Description: Campsite close to the sea, within easy cycling distance of the city (can also be walked).
  • Service: Service centre, small bar and small shop. WiFi to be used mainly around the bar.
  • Price23 euros.
  • Find here: Drive to Caminha. The campsite is just south of the town, signs show the way.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: The charming little town of Caminha.

Nazaré - Camping Vale Paraiso

  • Description: Large well-maintained campsite with surrounding forest and high fences.
  • Service: Service centre, laundry and Wi-Fi in some buildings.
  • Price: 16 euros/day with ACSI discount in low season (electricity included) in 2014.
  • Find hereDrive towards Nazaré. The campsite is on the road to the sea, on the right hand side. Estrada Nac. 242, 2450-138 Nazaré.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Sun and swimming, surfing and the town of Nazaré.
Lagos ställplats

Lagos - parking space at the harbour

  • Description: Unattended pitch on a large gravel pitch, not far from the marina.
  • Service: Water and drainage of grey and black water.
  • Price: 3 euros/day in 2015.
  • Find here: Located near the marina, very well signposted!
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: The city of Lagos and boat trips. It is interesting to make an excursion to the resort of Cabo de Sao Vicente at Sagres.
Ställplats i Albufeira

Albufeira - Parque Palmeira

  • Description: Large pitch run by a football association. Fenced pitches on gravel and walking distance to the centre and beach of Albufeira.
  • Service: Water, grey and black water drainage, electricity, toilets and showers, washing machine and WiFi sufficient for the first row of motorhomes.
  • Price: €8/day for the first three days, then €7/day (electricity included) in 2015.
  • Find here: Rua José Carlos Ary dos Santos, by the football stadium, not far from Lidl.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Cities Albufeira and the fine the beach in Galé.
Polisens camping Tavira

Tavira - Police camping

  • Description: Camping on grass and tarmac in a partially sloping environment, with no designated sites. Not open in summer, when it is used by the police. Actually called Parque de Autocaravanes.
  • Service: Service house, laundry room and wifi in the laundry room.
  • Price: 10 euros/day (electricity included) in 2015.
  • Find here: Estrada da Fonte Salgada, located above the city from the sea.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Tavira with charming houses and beaches.
Portugal i januari
Peter and Helena Bergström in Portugal, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

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Info and facts about Portugal

  • Capital city: Lisbon
  • Language: Portuguese (some speak English)
  • Residents: 10.3 million (2017)
  • Currency:Euro
  • Price mode: Cheap (cheaper than in Sweden)
  • Religion: Christianity (mostly Catholicism)
  • Flag: The flag of Portugal is red and green, and decorated with the central emblem of the Portuguese coat of arms.

Roads and driving in Portugal

  • Roads: Most roads are of a good standard. Motorways are called A or AE (toll) roads and expressways are called IP or IC roads.
  • Road tolls: You have to pay a toll on the motorways, and the toll is paid at stations on the road or at the exits. It is also possible to register at an "EASYToll Welcome Point", where the licence plate is photographed while swiping the card.
  • Environmental zones: In the centre of Lisbon there are two environmental zones where older vehicles are not allowed to drive.
  • Speed limits: Passenger cars and motor homes under 3.5 tonnes drive on motorway 120, expressway 100 and road 90. Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes drive on motorway 110, expressway 90 and road 80.
  • Per mille limit: 0.5 (0.2 for professional drivers and new licence holders)
  • Traffic rules: Talking on a handheld phone and sending text messages while driving is prohibited. You cannot wear headphones in both ears while driving.
  • Fuel: Diesel is called gasoleo and petrol is called gasolina - don't mix them up! Petrol is available as 95 and 98 octane.
  • Parking rules:  Yellow lines along the road mean that parking is prohibited. The wheels of wrongly parked cars can be locked, and will only be unlocked once the fine has been paid.
  • Security: Make sure you have Roadside Assistance, so that you can get help on the spot in case of an accident. The emergency number for the country's emergency services is 112.

Rules for camping and caravanning in Portugal

  • There are plenty of both campsites and caravan sites in Portugal. 
  • Free camping is allowed if the landowner has given permission. Free camping is not permitted on public land. The ban also applies to overnight stays in motorhomes parked on roads, streets or car parks.

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