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Spain vs Portugal - what is it like to go on holiday?

Now we've spent about a month in Portugal and about a month and a half in Spain. So what do we think? We like both Portugal and Spain, but in different ways. We probably like Portugal the most, as we find it more beautiful, less exploited and cheaper. Spain, on the other hand, has surprised us with beautiful and interesting cities such as Seville, Valencia and Tarragona.



We make a small comparison in the table here. Please note that this is only our experienceand that they are based on our experience of travelling with a motorhome. Of course, these are not objective truths, and there are certainly others who have different experiences!

PricesVery cheapCheap
FoodFresh fish, bacalhau (dried cooked cod) and cataplana (fish stew)Fresh fish, tapas, paella, chips, Menu del Dia (3-course lunch, sometimes a bit boring)
DrinksGreen wineRioja
CampingLarge cheap car parksElectricity often costs extra
BeachesBeautiful sandy beaches, often with coves and rock formationsGravel in the south, sand in the north and east, often long open beaches.
NatureGreen and flourishingBarren in the south, fine in the north and east
AttractionsCharming Lisbon and dramatic seaside cliffsSeville, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona are great cities with history and architecture.
FestivitiesHe did not experienceLas Fallas in Valencia and Easter, wow!
RoadsSmart payment system where the card is linked to the registration number.Free on A roads and pay on AP roads (expensive)
InternetBuy internet sim card = no registrationBuy internet sim card = passport and registration required
LanguageEnglish works on the Algarve coastEnglish rarely works
ServiceEveryone is very niceNo more pleasant than necessary
Nice beach at campsite in Tarragona, Spain
All our top tips for Portugal. Click on the image!

Top photo: Galé beach in Albufeira, Portugal.

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