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Travel destinations in France! Here you can find inspiration for the best travel destinations in France. Do you like beautiful beaches, dramatic nature, historical sights or maybe good food and wine? Here are our top picks for travelling to France!

Why travel to France?

Nature is beautiful and varied, ranging from steep cliffs to green river valleys in the French Alps. In France, you will find castles and fortresses as well as World War II memorials. On the French Riviera you will find long sandy beaches and plenty of luxury shops and exclusive restaurants.

Whether you want seafood or a tasty piece of meat, you won't be disappointed. There are often affordable 3-course menus. Some speak good English and some don't, but either way you'll almost always get a friendly welcome. Here you will find lots of articles about France.

Travel destinations in France - inspirational reading

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resmål i Frankrike - Moules frites i Nice
Peter and Helena Bergström in France, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

Destinations in France - in Corsica


Corsica is a wild and beautiful island, with dramatic cliffs, lush greenery and stunning sandy beaches. Here you can visit pretty towns like Calvi and Bonifacio, and discover mountain roads and paradise beaches.

More destinations in France - bucket list

resmål i Frankrike


What is there to see and do here? The Eiffel Tower, which was erected for the Paris Fair in 1889 and would have been taken down later... How would Paris be without Eiffel? What else? The Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Moulin Rouge, the Catacombs under Paris where you will find the skeletons of 6 million people.

More then except for a romantic night in Paris don't miss Chateau Chantilly, Palais Garnier, Notre Dame Cathedral, Versailles and much more. If you have three months to spare, take them in Paris.

resmål i Frankrike


The champagne district where Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon started making champagne. It is home to 14,000 producers, with Moet & Chandon being the largest. Millions of bottles can be found in the tunnels throughout the district. The cities of Troyes, Reims, Èpernay and Chalons en Champagne are the ones to visit during your stay in France.  

resmål i Frankrike

Colmar in France

When the idyll reaches its peak! Go back 500 years in Alsace and be glad this town survived all the wars. Take a small boat on the canal that runs through the town or head out to the vineyards around the town.

resmål i Frankrike

Grenoble, France

Magnificent in France that must be seen at least once!

Info and facts about France

  • Capital cityParis
  • Language: French
  • Residents: 67.3 million (2020)
  • Religion: Christianity (mostly Catholicism)
  • Currency: Euro
  • National anthem: "La Marseillaise" (The Marseillaise)

Good to know about France

  • Price mode: Much like in Sweden
  • Time difference: None compared to Sweden
  • Emergency number: 112

Travelling to France

  • FlightsDirect flights from Stockholm to Paris take about 2 hours and 40 minutes. You can fly with Air France, for example.
  • Car/caravan: You can of course take your car or motorhome to France. Take a ferry to Kiel, Rostock or Travemunde, or drive via Denmark.

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  1. Thomas Majlöv says:

    Thank you for your travelogue...makes me want to go away.
    Second year as HB owner.

  2. kaj jensen says:

    We are in our third season with hb and have been mostly in denmark, but now we think it's time to spread our wings to the south such as cancale that we have read so much about.What is most convenient to drive we have 4 weeks on us, are there many roads along the coast that do not take heavy vehicles, we have 4.2 tonnes or something else that prevents such as height.mvh kaj

  3. Annette says:

    What an exciting life you live 🙂 We have started thinking about where the next trip should go, and here I got a lot of inspiration! We love France and have travelled all around the country, but not in the outer edges of the country, and not to Corsica. I get excited about the west coast when I see your photos. However, the kids have taken a liking to Italy and Patrick wants to go back to the US. Many desires, so we will see where it ends, but it will definitely be a round trip because we like to look around and experience a lot when we travel.

  4. admin says:

    Thomas Majlöv, great that you discovered motorhome life! France is one of our favourite countries in Europe, highly recommended!

    Kaj Jensen, how nice that you are planning to go south and we can highly recommend France! We did not think about weight rules when driving (our car is 3.5 tonnes). We had no particular problems with heights, even though our car is tall (3.10 metres).

    Anette, when you are several, you have to adjust somehow... 😉 France is one of our favourite countries in Europe actually, and a little cheaper than Italy. Hope you find a nice destination!

  5. Marie Aaröe-Holm says:

    Hi, sounds nice with France! Thinking about a trip of about a month now in November. Is that month ok or is it as closed as it is here at home? Grateful for tips:))

  6. admin says:

    Marie Aaröe-Holm, great trip to France! I can't say for sure, but I don't think it's very hot. Then it might depend on where you are in France. On the west coast, I think it can be quite chilly. At the Riviera it is probably relatively mild by Scandinavian standards. Perhaps it can be pleasant during the day, but colder at night. Sun and bathing holidays probably won't work, but if you just want a slightly milder climate than at home, you'll probably get it. But feel free to google the weather and climate in France in November too!

  7. Samantha Janzen says:

    We are a small family with a 13-year-old boy and our big poodle Bosse. Now we are going on a train trip to the south of France.

    On the way home we would like to stop in smaller villages by train and see some of the nice picturesque parts. Do you have any tips? We are going to Hamburg and are open to French suggestions.

    The Janzen family

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