Holidays in Hälsingland can offer wonderful experiences and provide great memories! You can visit Hälsingland farms and enjoy fantastic nature. Here you can experience the sea, lakes and forests.

Holidays in Hälsingland

There is plenty to experience during your holiday in Hälsingland. You can discover culture, history and nature. Above all, of course, you won't want to miss out on seeing the Hälsingland farms, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In Hälsingland you can also visit many different cities and towns, such as Bollnäs, Hudiksvall and Söderhamn. Here you can find cosy cafés and campsites.

Tips for your holiday in Hälsingland

Good to know before your holiday in Hälsingland

Here you will find information and things that are good to know before your holiday in Hälsingland.

Accommodation in Hälsingland

  • Hotels, cottages and hostels: There are many different types of accommodation around Hälsingland, whether you want to stay simple or more exclusive.
  • Camping and caravanning sites: There are plenty of pitches and campsites, many of which are in lovely natural surroundings. During the high season, popular sites can of course become crowded.
  • Free camping: Free camping with a motorhome or campervan is fine as long as you follow the laws and local regulations.

Food and drink in Hälsingland

  • Regional courts: Moose mince with pearl porridge, pork, barley and root vegetables. Alternatively, Hälsinge cheese cake.
  • Delicacies: Discover farm shops around Hälsingland, such as Skärså smokehouse and Växbo Kvarn.
  • Desserts: Hälsinge cheese cake (gnarsk)
  • Drinks: Rävgrytets kafferosteri and Stormare brewery.

Activities in Hälsingland

  • Nature: Hiking, cycling, golf, fishing or maybe kayaking.
  • Culture: Arts and crafts
  • History: Museums and churches
  • For children: Bathing and camping

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