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Our motorhome


Here you can read more about the FREEDOM motorhome and how we have remodelled it in different ways. We did a major "makeover" during the first years. The motorhome has then been worn out during many wonderful motorhome adventures, and in 2019 we started a new renovation.

The FREEDOM motorhome

We bought our motorhome second-hand in 2008 and chose an alcove car because Peter's sons often travelled with us. We did a lot of remodelling in the early years, and below you can see all the remodelling we did. After a few years and many exciting motorhome adventures, we decided in 2019 to start caring for and renovating our motorhome again, a project we call FREEDOM 2.0.

Exterior design


BeforeWhen we bought the motorhome on Blocket in 2008 it was one year old - it's an Adria Coral 660 SP.


After: With the help of the firm BrandFactory we had the motorhome wrapped in black and silver so that we had a motorhome with the completely new design. We have also acquired spoiler on the motorhome roof and new larger roof hatch.

Exterior lighting

Husbilen som den såg ut när vi köpte den

BeforeThe first picture shows the FREEDOM motorhome when we bought it. From the beginning there was not much lighting ...

Ledslingor bak

After: When the motorhome was ready, it shone all the more! We fitted new lights on the motorhome, including front and rear handrails and underlights (!).

Interior design: upholstery

Husbilen klädsel

Before: The first picture shows the original outfit, which was light blue with stripes.

Klädsel husbil

After: We changed to a new upholstery in the motorhome, which is brown in colour. We also put in a new carpet and sewed new curtains, which matched the new outfit.

Interior design: lighting

Husbil interiör

Before: The original interior of the FREEDOM motorhome included a blue striped upholstery.

Ledbelysning i husbil

After: We set up stripes in silver on the cabinets and fitted the LED lights in several places inside the motorhome.



After: In the kitchen we have set up new shelves and made room for a coffee machine. 

10 viktiga saker att packa i husbilen

After: We have divided the garage into two parts. On one side we have built a walk-in closet and on the other side garage where we store tools, water hoses, petrol cans and outdoor furniture.

Sound and technology


After: We have installed two sound system in the motorhome - one when we are driving and one when we are stationary.

Vi spelar TV-spel i husbilen

After: We have also fitted an inverter so that passengers can play Video games in the motorhome while we drive, and a bracket on the garage so you can also sit outside the motorhome and play games or watch films.

Energy sources and security

Solpanelen på husbilen

After: The FREEDOM campervan has been equipped with dual batteries, a power station and a solar paneland an inverter that converts 12 volts to 220. 

Larm på husbilen FREEDOM

After: The motorhome has also been equipped with safes and alarms, both on all doors and a motion alarm.

Other accessories and driving characteristics


After: In addition to everything that has been rebuilt, we have acquired a number of different accessories, including a barbecue, fans and winter blankets

Peter vid ratten

After: The FREEDOM motorhome has also been equipped with trim chip and GPS.

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  1. Jan Sjöberg says:

    Hey, hey, hey, hey.
    That is a nice and very practical motorhome you have carved. My idea is to do something similar. Unfortunately I have an old sick mother who needs our support from time to time. On occasion I created the page janomona.blogspot to be written on when we get going so to speak. Until then, I can only read about travelling by motorhome. You will now end up on my/our motorhome page Jan and Mona.
    Be well and live well.

  2. Bo Lexén says:

    I have a question about the weight after all these attachments what is your starting point. 3500kg or more.
    Greetings. Bo.

  3. admin says:

    Jan Sjöberg, thank you for your comment! I look in on the blog from time to time 🙂 .

    Bo Lexén, weight is often a dilemma for motorhomes. Our motorhome has a maximum weight of 3500 kg, so you can't load as much as you like. Most of the things we've attached are things that don't weigh much (guide rails, LED lights, alarms, new curtains, change of upholstery, etc). The fixed additions that weigh a little are the speakers, the solar panel and the shelves in the luggage. Other heavy things (electrical equipment and video games, for example) we do not always drive around with, but only when needed. We've also opted out of things that many others have, such as satellite dishes, AC and bicycles...

  4. Anton Boij says:

    The scourge of load weight and gross vehicle weight.
    I had a 660 just like yours, and after we only loaded the essentials, it was 3500.
    We were constantly 200-300 overweight, since the load weight was only around 250 kg, it was unfortunately a withdrawal of the driver's licence and prosecution by the prosecutor in Sweden.
    Now we don't have that problem anymore, but unfortunately another one when we go to countries like Austria that charge ridiculously for everyone over 3500.
    Good luck!

  5. Daniel Majak says:

    Hello and thanks for a great blog!!!
    Have a very (difficult for us) question for you!
    What would be the absolute perfect motorhome to live in all year round (regardless of your driving licence)?
    Even then with load weight, space, city driving etc. to take into account?

    An additional question about the alcove in your car.
    Do you sleep alongside the car or across it?

    Sincerely, Daniel

  6. admin says:

    Anton Boij, many of the 3500kg motorhomes are really underweight! A revoked driving licence and prosecution does not sound fun!

    Daniel Majak, there are lots of different motorhome models and which one is perfect is probably different depending on who you ask 😉 I'll email you some thoughts on what to consider. As for the beds in our motorhome (both the ones in the back and the ones in the alcove), they are crosswise.

  7. Leif strandberg says: about your motorhome and all the faults and water leaks etc..boring and hard but now 7 months in the workshop..sounds incredible..what kind of service is this?
    I have now had the motorhome for 10 years driven 14,000 miles never a fault, bought the new Dethleffs 6844..With Renault engine which is chipped to 165 hp from 1 litre to. 0.80 in diesel consumption per mile. And a good pressure in the engine.
    I have also updated it from 3.500 to 3.900 costing me 18.000:-.
    Certificate from Germany that it was possible to update stronger suspension including labour. Re-inspection. Now I drive weight legally..even though the car is well equipped.
    Most 3,500kg motorhomes are overweight...they can be very expensive.
    And down in Europe they are very fussy ..not so fun if you have to unload stuff and maybe your wife.
    Have a nice summer Leif.

  8. Leif strandberg says: Solna town you don't get a resident's parking space if your car weighs more than 3500 kg...what do I do now that I no longer have my private parking space?
    I have previous residential parking when the car weighed 3500 kg..It is the same car but with a weight of 3900 kg. Sour no from Solna city.
    I can't find another car park (tips for a car park near HuvustaTorg).
    Otherwise, I have to re-inspect the car to 3500 kg to get resident parking in Solna... The alternative is to move, to solve the parking issues.

  9. Rune Andersson says:

    We are in the process of getting a motorhome, max 3500kg because we plan to travel in Europe - we love France,
    Need extra AC in the car
    Can you put a bicycle in the back outside

    • Helena says:

      Great! You can keep your bike in the back, outside, if you install such racks. Be aware that some countries require warning signs on the outside. Extra AC or not is a matter of priority. If you're travelling in the summer, it can get very hot at times, so it's nice to have AC. However, AC is quite expensive, takes up a lot of space, and only works when you have access to electricity. We have installed regular fans instead.

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