Travel destinations in Mozambique! Here you will find inspiration about places to visit in Mozambique. Do you like African culture, exotic nature and the possibility of seeing wild dugongs? Here are our top tips for travelling to Mozambique!

Why travel to Mozambique?

Mozambique is a republic in southern Africa. Located on the Indian Ocean, the country is bordered to the west by South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe and to the north by Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. Two of southern Africa's most important rivers, the Zambezi and the Limpopo, flow through the country.

The country offers exotic nature with beaches and baobab trees. There are opportunities to experience the local culture, such as markets, as well as boat trips and sightings of dugongs, an aquatic mammal.

Destinations in Mozambique - inspirational reading

Facts and figures about Mozambique

  • Capital city: Maputo
  • Residents: More than 30 million (2021)
  • Currency: Metical (MZM)
  • National Day: 25 June
  • Language: Makhuwa, Portuguese, Tsonga, Nyanja, Sena, Lomwe, Chuwabo, Ndau, Tswa and other local languages.
  • Religion: Christianity, Islam and more
  • Flag: The flag is red, black, yellow and green.

Highest, longest and biggest

  • Highest point: Mount Binga (2,436 metres) is part of the Chimoio highlands.
  • Longest river: The Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa (2 660 km).
  • Largest city: Maputo
  • Biggest lake: Lake Niassa
  • Highest building: Banco de Mocambique Tower 1 (130 metres)

Good to know about Mozambique

  • Time difference: One hour difference between Mozambique and Sweden
  • El: You may need an adapter in Mozambique to use Swedish plugs.
  • Security mode: Always check the security situation on Sweden Abroad or the UD Resklar app.

Travelling to Mozambique

  • Flight: Fly to Maputo, possibly via Johannesburg, and possibly on to Vilankulo on the coast.

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