FREEDOMtravel is not only here on, but you can also find us in various social media. We are available under the name "Freedomtravelnews" on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We also have a press room on the press service Mynewsdesk.

Our social channels

Our biggest channel is our digital magazine, where we have about 120,000 unique visitors per month, according to Google Analytics. We also have other social channels, and you can find quick links to them here. Further down you can read more about the different channels and our followers there.

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On our Facebook page we share most of the articles published on the magazine and sometimes we add extra photos and films. We also share material from others that we think might be of interest to our followers. Below you can see details of our followers on Facebook (March 2024). Number of followers: 4 000+


On Instagram we share photos, film reels and events (Instagram Stories), often in real time during our travels and often things we don't show in the magazine or on Facebook. Number of followers: 13,000+


On YouTube we post films from our travels and adventures. Sometimes there will also be films about life in a houseboat or motorhome, including the occasional recipe from the houseboat or motorhome kitchen. Below you can see an example of a film from Adrspach Rocks in the Czech Republic. Number of followers: about 450+.


Mynewsdesk is a press service where we share press releases on various news items. Here we tell you about important collaborations, readership records, new travel plans and various exciting news on the site.


Bloglovin' is a subscription service for blog readers. If you follow several blogs, it's easy and convenient to follow us through this service. Number of followers: around 800

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