Travel planning is both about planning the trip itself and planning your time away from home - at least if you plan to be away for a long time. Here we have gathered some information and tips for those planning a trip, whether short or long, and whether you are travelling locally or on the other side of the world.


It can sometimes seem like you need a lot of money to travel, and while travelling isn't free, there are some smart tips to keep prices down. Putting a little time and effort into planning and booking can help you find cheaper tickets, and if you're willing to think outside the box, there are many more ways to stay than just checking into a hotel, for example. Here are some tips on how you can afford to travel, and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

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Insurance and security

While there is no need to worry unnecessarily before or during a great trip, it is important to take certain precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. In case of an accident, it is important to have the right insurance. Here are some posts that might help you along the way.

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Checklists and preparations

Sometimes planning a trip can be just as much about planning for your time away, especially if you are planning a long trip. Here are some tips on things to think about before travelling.

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