Swedish Theme Roads is for those who want to take a road trip in Sweden on holiday. Maybe you drive a car, camper van, caravan or motorbike. Here you will find holiday roads with themes, for more wonderful and fun experiences along the way.

Swedish thematic roads

Swedish Theme Roads are holiday routes with different themes. The road can go through a geographical area or have another kind of theme, such as Swedish castles.

So far, there are a limited number of themed roads to choose from, but the number will grow over time, so you will find many different exciting roads to choose from. Browse the Swedish themed roads below, and feel free to check back in a few months. There will be more!

How FREEDOMtravel's Swedish themed roads work

So, what are FREEDOMtravel's Swedish Theme Roads? Well, our holiday routes describe a road trip, which is first displayed on a map, along with information about the start and finish and the total length of the road in kilometres.

We then list a number of interesting stops along the way, along with descriptive text, photos, maps and sometimes a link to read more. We also present tips on where to stay overnight, whether you prefer a caravan site, camping or perhaps a hotel/hostel.

You can choose whether you want to follow the whole theme road or just a short stretch. The road serves as an inspiration and you do exactly what suits your journey. Maybe you want to follow the road in reverse order, start in the middle, or just pick a few well-chosen favourite spots...

Svenska temavägar

What Swedish theme paths would you like to see?

What Swedish holiday routes do you wish for here at FREEDOMtravel? Please write a comment and tell us!

Thematic roads in other countries

Don't forget to check out our themed roads in Europe. So far, there are themed roads in Germanybut soon we will develop with holiday routes in the Czech Republic and many other countries. We wish you great road trips!

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