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New Zealand

Travel destinations in New Zealand! Here you'll find inspiration for places to visit in New Zealand. Do you like dramatic scenery or animals like dolphins or penguins? Here are our top tips for travelling to New Zealand!

Why travel to New Zealand?

Nature in New Zealand is extremely varied. In many places it's green and lush, and in others you're faced with glaciers. There are active volcanoes and geothermal areas that are bubbling everywhere.

You can watch whales and swim with dolphins in many different places. There are also good opportunities for hiking, canoeing and horse riding, and there is not a single dangerous animal in the wild. Furthermore, the whole country is full of activities such as bungee jumping, rafting and various adventure parks.

Travel destinations in New Zealand - inspirational reading

resmål i Nya Zeeland


Auckland, New Zealand's largest city with 1.4 million inhabitants, is a city of dizzyingly tall buildings. The tallest is the SkyTower at 328 metres. Here you can go up and have dinner, while looking down at the other skyscrapers far, far below.

White Island

White Island

A trip to White Island is a great adventure during your trip to New Zealand. A boat trip takes you out to the island, and along the way you'll have the chance to see dolphins playing in the waves around the boats. There's a live volcano on the island and it's popping and bubbling everywhere. Since rocks can come flying, you'll need a helmet.

resmål i Nya Zeeland - Rotorua


The whole area in and around Rotorua is geothermal and there are fizzes and bubbles everywhere. If you want, you can visit a large park with boiling clay pits and a very special smell. There is also an adventure park in Rotorua where you can try Zorb and Frefall Xtreme, as well as rafting in the area.

resmål i Nya Zeeland - Bridge to nowhere

Pipiriki and Bridge to nowhere

From Pipriki, you can take a speedboat ride through an intensely green river and then reach a bridge in the middle of the rainforest called Bridge to nowhere. A wonderful excursion in nature! If you want to experience the rainforest for a longer time, you can instead choose to kayak and spend the night in the wild but harmless nature.

resmål i Nya Zeeland: Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is an amazing natural area with beaches and rainforest. We rented a kayak and paddled around, and also did a short nature walk. We highly recommend a visit to this national park during your trip to New Zealand.



Kaikoura has a beautiful waterfront location on the north-eastern side of the South Island. Here you can go whale-watching in tough boats that can easily withstand the big sucking waves. Because the sea is extremely deep outside, large whales come unusually close to land. We saw sperm whales, which was really fascinating!



In Akaroa, near Christchurch, you can swim with wild dolphins, which approach the boats out of curiosity or playfulness. This is the little Hector's dolphin. You can get them interested by tapping rocks against each other, but don't touch their delicate skin. A fascinating experience!

resmål i Nya Zeeland - Mount Cook

Mount Cook

At Mount Cook you can experience a whole new climate - again! This area is a dramatic and beautiful place to visit while travelling in New Zealand. There are high mountains and impressive glaciers. Among other things, you can go on boat trips in the glacial lakes, which is an experience.

Peter och Helena Bergström, FREEDOMtravel
Peter and Helena Bergström in New Zealandthe travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

Info and facts about New Zealand

  • The main one: Wellington
  • Language: English and Maori
  • Residents: 4.7 million (2017)
  • Currency: New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  • Religion: Atheism (42 %), Christianity, different varieties (48 %)
  • Flag: The New Zealand flag is blue with the British Union flag and four red stars with white stripes.
  • National anthem: God Defend New Zealand and God Save the Queen

Good to know about New Zealand

  • Price mode: Slightly cheaper than Sweden
  • Time difference: +12 hours
  • Emergency number: 111
  • El: Adapter needed
  • Water: Drinkable

Travelling to New Zealand

  • Flight: Emirates and Qatar fly from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Auckland, with one change on the way. Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, KLM and Finnair fly from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Auckland, with two changes en route.

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  1. flyforfree says:


    Those of you who like to travel a lot should check this out:

    "We at Flyforfree have just booked next summer's upcoming points trip. It will take us from Gothenburg to Santiago (Chile) and then further out into the Pacific Ocean towards Easter Island.

    For 3400 SEK per person we get the opportunity to fly in Business Class round trip via Houston. As the departure approaches, the idea is to rebook to Lufthansa First Class as tickets there are released 14 days before departure.

    In addition to this trip, we will also fly to New Zealand this winter and explore the South Island. We have booked points tickets in First Class and pay only 3000 SEK in taxes and fees. A trip that would normally cost up to 75.000 SEK per person!

    This autumn we are also trying out Munich with SAS Business and later this spring also Las Palmas. The trips cost SEK 500 per trip."

  2. Outdoors, nature and LoTR environments - three reasons why I want to see New Zealand ðŸ™'

  3. Nya Zeeland says:

    Very nice country, and you seemed to have done most things. I would also like to mention Wellington and the wine districts in the Northern South Island, very nice!

  4. Marianne Eriksson says:

    So lovely trip, drove it by campervan in 2019
    Best trip I have done so far! We drove the east coast down to the north island and then over to the south island! Three weeks we were also on NZ, good length of trip as there is a lot to see. Since 1 year back I now have a house car. Great fun!
    / Marianne

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