Travel destinations in Bulgaria! Here you will find inspiration for things to see and do in Bulgaria. Do you like beautiful beaches, culture or history? Here are our top tips for travelling to Bulgaria!

Why travel to Bulgaria?

We have travelled around Bulgaria with guides and got lots of tips about the country and the beautiful coastline on the Black Sea. Bulgaria has 28 regions (oblasts) and the capital Sofia is its own region.

Bulgaria was very famous in the 80s when Swedes went on cheap holidays to 'Sunny Beach' on the Black Sea and partied. Today the country has much more to offer! You can still sunbathe and swim on beautiful sandy beaches, but also experience culture, history, wine, golf and much more. Below you will find lots of articles with travel tips.

Travel destinations in Bulgaria - inspirational reading

resmål i Bulgarien
Peter and Helena in Bulgaria, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel
resmål i BUlgarien

Info and facts about Bulgaria

  • Capital city: Sofia
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Residents: 6.9 million (2020)
  • Currency: Lev (BGN)
  • Religion: Christianity (Bulgarian Orthodox Church)
  • Flag: The Bulgarian flag is striped crosswise in the colours white (top), green (middle) and red (bottom).
  • National anthem: Mila Rodino

Good to know about Bulgaria

  • Price mode: Cheap in comparison with Sweden
  • Time difference: one hour

Food and drink

  • Restaurants: There are plenty of restaurants in different price ranges.
  • Dishes: It is customary to start a meal with shopkeeper's salad or Greek salad. Meat dishes are often served for the main course, and fish is also common on the Black Sea.
  • National dish: Kavarma, a long-cooked stew, is one of the country's national dishes.
  • Drinks: Bulgaria is a wine country and you can visit different vineyards and wine producers.


  • Hotel: There are plenty of hotels in different price ranges and standards. Here you can read about hotels in Sofia and in Varna.

Travelling to Bulgaria

  • Flight: Charter flights used to go directly to holiday resorts and this can be resumed. You can also fly to Sofia, for example with LOT Polish Airlines.

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