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Here we present campsites and pitches in Europe - from simple gravel pitches to luxury resorts with all kinds of services. You'll also find our personalised tips on what to see and do in the surrounding areas. 

Let our tips inspire you to start planning your motorhome or caravan holiday! Click on the country you are curious about to find lists of pitches and campsites. All tips are based on our own experience and we write about places we have visited ourselves. Let the planning begin by finding pitches in Europe!

Campsites and pitches in the Nordic countries

It is popular to campa in the Nordic countries, both with motorhomes and caravans, so there are plenty of places to stay overnight. The Nordic countries offer everything from simple and cheap sites to luxurious campsites full of activities. Here you will find lists of places we have visited in different Nordic countries, from north to south.

campingar och ställplatser på Åland

Campsites and pitches in Central Europe

It is popular to both travel by campervan and campa in Central Europefrom beautiful natural areas to picturesque towns and cities. In some countries, such as Germany, there are plenty of pitches, while in others, such as Poland and the Czech Republic, there are mainly campsites, many of which are affordable.

Resa med husbil i Tyskland

Campsites and pitches in Western Europe

It is exciting to travel by motorhome or camping in western Europe. France is a very motorhome-friendly country with plenty of campsites and pitches. It might also be interesting to discover Belgium, with its beautiful cities, or scenic Ireland.

Gorges du Verdon

Campsites and pitches in Eastern Europe

It is also worth discovering car parks and campsites in eastern Europe. We have travelled in Estonia, which offers a lot of history and beautiful views. There are nice campsites here, while it is easy and often very beautiful to free camp.

Campsites and pitches in southern Europe

It's not surprising that many people want to take their motorhomes south. The warmer climate attracts them, and because it's so popular, there are also plenty of pitches and caravan parks. campsites in southern Europe. Sometimes it is also possible to hitchhike, as long as you make sure to follow local rules.

Campsites and caravan parks in south-east Europe

The southeastern part of Europe offers many exciting destinations for campers and motorhomers, such as Albania, Greece, North Macedonia and Montenegro. Campsites and pitches may be a little more basic in some cases, but you will often be very well received. So don't hesitate to roll along the motorhome to south-east Europe! Here you will find lists of campsites and caravan parks we have visited.

Camping Kotorbukten

Read more about car parks

What is the difference between a caravan site and a campsite? What should a good pitch be like and what is a reasonable price? Is it possible to free camp for a few nights in a regular car park and what do you need to consider? Here are some of our most popular posts on camping and staying overnight with a motorhome.

Ställplats Albufeira

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