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10 nice campsites in Europe

If you're travelling in Europe with a motorhome, you're probably often looking for good and pleasant pitches. For those who are not travelling with a motorhome, we can explain that a pitch is a simple place to stay for motorhomes. Today we present 10 nice pitches in Europe, in no particular order.

It hasn't been easy to choose, because what characterises a good pitch? We think it depends. In our opinion, a good car park should either be close to a town or attraction, or close to nature and beautiful.

You should feel safe and there should be a service that matches the price. If there is staff, positive behaviour is of course a big plus! What do you think a good campsite should be like and do you have any good campsites in Europe to recommend?

1 Mortagne sur Gironde, France

A bit north of Bordeaux, this relaxed site is located next to the marina in Mortagne sur Gironde. It has electricity and you pay about €3/day (2015) when someone knocks on the door. Read more about car parks in France.

Mortagne sur Gironde, Frankrike

2. Valencia camper park, Spain

The site in Betera just north of Valencia has all the services you need including electricity, WiFi, washing machine, manned reception and a restaurant. The metro to Valencia takes 30 minutes and the price is 12-15 euros/day (2015). Read more about Pitches in Spain.

Valencia camper Park, Spanien

3. Sunset Bar & Restorant in Ksamil, Albania

The Sunset Bar & Restorant, on the road just north of Ksamil, is right next to a nice swimming spot and within walking distance of the centre. There is electricity, WiFi, toilet and restaurant and the price is 10 euros/day (2015). Read more about pitches in Albania.

Ksamil Albanien

4. Arromanches in Normandy, France

The car park on Rue Francois Carpentier is a great place to visit the city and the Normandy Landings Museum. Parking is free and electricity + water costs €2/hour. Read more about car parks in France.

Arromanches i Normanie, Frankrike

5. Salvamar Camper Sosta in Pozzallo, Sicily

This site, in Pozzallo in south-west Sicily, is on a private plot by the sea. It has electricity, WiFi and a friendly owner. The price is 15-20 euros/day in high season (2015). Read more about Pitches in Sicily.

Salvamar Camper Sosta Pozzallo på Sardinien, Italien

6. Parque palmeira in Albufeira, Portugal

The site is large and located on Rua José Carlos Ary dos Santos, within walking distance of the centre and the beach. It has everything you need including electricity, a washing machine and (limited) WiFi. The price is €7/day (2015). Read more about car parks in Portugal.

Parq Palmeira Albufeira, Portugal

7. Plage de Palombaggia at Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

The site is nicely located among the trees, right next to the stunning Palombaggia beach. There is no electricity, but a manned reception and a small patch of free WiFi. The price is €13.50/day (2015). Read more about Pitches in Corsica.

Porto-Vecchio på Korsika, Frankrike

8. Areas Autocaravanas in Seville, Spain

The site is fenced, has a manned reception and is within walking distance of the city centre. There is electricity for a certain number of cars and WiFi in one room. The address is Carretera de la Esclusa/Avenida García Morato and the price is €12-15/day (2015). Read more about Pitches in Spain.

Areas Autocaravanas i Sevilla, Spanien

9. Malbork, Poland

If you want to visit the medieval castle of Malbork in Poland, Ul. Walowa 12 is the perfect place to park. It's close and cheap in a retired teacher's garden and fruit picking is included in the price. Read more about car parks in Poland.

Malbork Polen

10: Palavas les Flots, France

The site is nicely located in the marina, within easy walking distance of the charming little town. There is electricity and a service centre, and the price is 14-17 euros/day. Read more about car parks in France.

Palava les Flots, Frankrike

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