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Travel destinations in Italy! Here you'll find inspiration for things to see and do in Italy. Do you enjoy strolling around charming villages and savouring Italian food? Here are our top tips for travelling to Italy!

Why travel to Italy?

Italy has plenty of coastline with great beaches, and you can also swim in Lake Garda and Lake Iseo. They also have the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia! There are many small charming towns with beautiful houses and nice outdoor cafes with lovely warm summers. The country is full of everything from churches to amphitheatres and ruins from Roman times and the Roman Empire.

Italians know their wine and there are many different wine regions where you can visit vineyards, taste wine and buy affordable wines. The best thing about Italian food, in our opinion, is the cold starters and the 'aperitivo', a beer/drink with tasty snacks. Here you will find lots of articles about Italy.

Travel destinations in Italy - inspirational reading

See Rome for free!

Guest writer: Charlotta Rönn A big city does not automatically mean a big hole in the coffers - not in Rome....

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resmål i Italien
Peter and Helena Bergström in Italy, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

Travelling in Italy - Sardinia and Sicily


Sardinia is a stunning island with beautiful views and incredible sandy beaches. Here you can explore cities such as Cagliari and Alghero, and make excursions to cosy villages, beaches and caves, such as the Caves of Neptune.


Sicily is a fascinating and interesting island, full of history and culture. Here you can visit cities such as Taormina, Syracuse and Noto. You can also see ancient temples in Agrigento. Of course, Sicily also offers good food and great beaches.

resmål i Italien

Info and facts about Italy

  • Capital city: Rome
  • Language: Italian
  • Residents: 61 million (2017)
  • Currency: Euro
  • Religion: Christianity (Catholicism)
  • National anthem: Il Canto degli italiani

Good to know about Italy

  • Price mode: As in Sweden
  • Time difference: None
  • Emergency number: 112
  • El: Like Sweden
  • Water: Drinkable

Food and drink in Italy

  • In a restaurant: You order slightly different in a restaurant than in Sweden. You order each part of the meal separately. If you order meat or fish but also want potatoes or vegetables, you have to order them separately.
  • Antipasti: To start a meal, you can order 'antipasti'. These include olives, cured meats and good cheeses.
  • Dishes: Italians have made a name for themselves with pizza, pasta and risotto. A classic pasta dish is 'pasta Bolognese'. Pasta and risotto are often served as 'primo piatto'.
  • Sweets: Don't miss gelato, the fantastic Italian ice cream.
  • Wines: The wines are really in a class of their own. A good Valpolicella or a heavy Amarone is really a highlight. Prosecco and Vita Soave are a must.
  • Other beverages: Spirits or liqueurs, more precisely Aperol, can be served as aperitivo in the afternoon. The good Amaretto, Campari come from here, as well as Strega and Galliano, which are good with coffee.

Accommodation in Italy

  • Hotel: You can find lots of different hotels in Italy. For example, check or
  • Camping: If you prefer to stay in a campsite, you can read more on our page about campsites and pitches in Italy.

Travelling to Italy

  • Flight: Direct flights from Arlanda to Rome take about 3 hours. Flights also go from Arlanda to Milan directly, which takes about 2 hours 35 minutes. Getting to Venice, Naples and Florence with a stopover takes between 4 hrs - 4 hrs 40 mins, with many different airlines.
  • Ferry: By ferry, you can travel to Italy starting from Gothenburg to Kiel with Stena Line, which is takes about 14 h 30 min. Drive via the A9 which takes 17 h 13 min and is 1811 km. From Trelleborg to Rostock with Stena Line or TT-Line takes about 6 h - 7 h 15 min. Drive via the A9 which takes 16 h 22 min and is 1708 km.

Videos from Italy

lovely Rome

Vatican City

hotels in Umbria


resort in Umbria


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  1. Susie says:

    Fun site, and good with some inside info! We are planning a Europe trip this summer, with Italy as the main destination. Seems as cosy and interesting as ever!

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