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Brescia and Trentino - inspiration from northern Italy

Brescia and Trentino are two provinces in northern Italy. This week we were invited to an event where both destinations were presented. We have to say that Northern Italy is beautiful and invites more visits. If you may be cautious about travelling right now, we offer inspiration for the future.


Event at the Sheraton Hotel

The event we were invited to was at the Sheraton hotel in Stockholm. We wondered if it would be cancelled because of the pandemic, but it was not. Representatives from Brescia and Trentino arrived, wearing masks and with hand sanitiser at the ready. The chairs had been sparsely placed and the strategy had changed from a buffet to a sit-down dinner. It was very nice!

Event på Sheraton hotel om Brescia och Trentino


The province of Brescia is located around the city of Brescia in northern Italy. It is home to three beautiful lakes: Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and Lake Idro. The province also boasts 3 Unesco world heritage sites, 90 castles, 4 wine regions, 13 Michelin-starred restaurants, 4 geothermal spas, 7 ski resorts and 113 ski slopes.

We have really nice memories from this area, not least from Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, which we found to be fantastically beautiful. We have never visited the city of Brescia, but from the pictures we saw it seems to be an interesting destination.



Trentino is also a province in northern Italy, with the city of Trento as its capital. There are plenty of great ski resorts, among other things. The province also has several mountain lakes, various wellness experiences and opportunities for cycling adventures in the mountains. In the city of Trento you can experience Renaissance and Baroque architecture, the city's impressive castle and Italian food and wine.

Skiing in Trentino, Trentino Tourism
Val di Cembra, Vigneti / ph Adam Barker

Italian dinner

When it was time for dinner, we were treated to a classic Italian dinner with several dishes, of course accompanied by wine. Very, very good!

  • Antipasti: Salami, ham, marinated olives, marinated artichokes and mozzarella caprese.
  • Primo piatto: Mushroom risotto
  • Secondo piatto: Fried chicken breast with roasted potatoes and vegetables
  • Dessert: Tiramisu
risotto - event om Brescia och Trentino
Italiensk efterrätt - event om Brescia och Trentino

Have you been to Brescia and Trentino?

Have you been to the provinces of Brescia and Trentino? What are your experiences? Please tell us!

Lago di Ledro, Trentino / ph Jens Schwarz o

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