Travel destinations in Armenia! Armenia is not one of the most common tourist countries, but it can be an exciting experience for those who like to see a bit more than the traditional tourist destinations.

Why travel to Armenia?

Armenia is a country in the South Caucasus in Southwest Asia, bordering Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. The capital Yerevan, or Yerevan, has a history dating back to 782 BC. At that time, the Erebuni Fortress was built and the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Urartu, strategically located along the important Silk Road.

As well as having a long and fascinating history, Armenia has a mountainous and beautiful landscape. You can also travel to Armenia to try both wine and craft beer. Here you will find plenty of good tips for your trip to Armenia.

Travel destinations in Armenia - inspirational reading

Info and facts about Armenia

  • Capital city: Yerevan (Yerevan)
  • Residents: More than 3 million (2016)
  • Currency: Dram
  • National Day: 21 September
  • Language: Armenian (Minority languages: Russian, Kurdish, Greek and Assyrian)
  • Religion: Christianity (Armenian Apostolic Church)
  • Flag: Striped flag with three colours. Red at the top, blue in the centre and yellow at the bottom.
  • National anthem: More Hajrenik

Highest, longest and biggest

  • Highest point: Aragats, 4090 metres above sea level
  • Longest river: Aras, 1072 kilometres
  • Second largest city: Gyumri (around 116,000 inhabitants)
  • Biggest lake: Lake Sevan, 1230 square metres
  • Highest building: Yerevan TV Tower, 312 metres high

Good to know about Armenia

  • Emergency number: 911
  • Time difference: Armenia is 3 hours ahead of Sweden.
  • El: You do not need an adapter for Armenia to use Swedish plugs.
  • VisaSince January 2013, Swedish citizens no longer need a visa to enter Armenia. However, a visa is required for stays exceeding 180 days per year. 

Travelling to Armenia

  • Flight: You can fly from Sweden to Yerevan, with a stopover, with different airlines such as Austrian or Pegasus.

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