Travel destinations in Norway! Here you will find lots of tips on things to see and do in Norway. Do you like beautiful fjords, hiking, fishing and perhaps wild Nordic animals? Here are our best travel tips for Norway!

Why travel to Norway?

Nature in northern Norway is stunningly beautiful, with its high mountains and deep fjords. There are excellent opportunities for outdoor activities in Norway, whether you like hiking, climbing or perhaps canoeing. In Northern Norway you can fish for everything from cod and haddock to halibut and crabs, and there are plenty of fishing camps.

In northern Norway there is a good chance of seeing reindeer, elk, foxes, sea eagles and many different seabirds. Norway is more than nature! You'll find art of all kinds, and memories of writers such as Knut Hamsun. Below are lots of articles about Norway.

Travel destinations in Norway - inspirational reading

Resmål i Norge
Peter and Helena Bergström in Norway, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel
Resmål i Norge

Info and facts about Norway

  • Capital city: Oslo
  • Language: Norwegian, and Sami in some parts.
  • Residents: 5.2 million (2017)
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Religion: Christianity (mostly Protestantism)
  • Flag: The flag of Norway is a blue and white cross on a red background.

Good to know about Norway

  • Price mode: Expensive (more expensive than Sweden)
  • Time difference: None
  • Emergency number: 112 for the police, 110 for the fire brigade and 113 for medical emergencies.
  • El: Like Sweden
  • Water: Drinkable
  • Watch out: Observe normal caution and drive carefully on the the roads
  • Think about: When travelling within the Nordic region, a travel document is not required for Swedish citizens, but you should still carry valid identification to prove your identity.

Travelling to Norway

  • Flights: Direct from Stockholm to Oslo takes about one hour. Fly with for example SAS or Norwegian.

Video from Norway

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