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Living in a lighthouse - Tranoy lighthouse in Northern Norway

Imagine living in a lighthouse! When we got the chance to live in Tranoy Lighthouse in Northern Norway, we were thrilled. What could be more wild and beautiful than living on the edge of a headland, with the roaring sea just outside?


Tranoy Lighthouse in Northern Norway

Tranoy Lighthouse, or Tranøy Lighthouse as it is actually called, is located in Tranøy just south of Lofoten. A lighthouse was built here back in the 1860s, and then renewed in the 1930s, when several houses were also built for those who worked at the lighthouse.

Today, the guy as a small hotel with a café/restaurant. Outside you can see birds such as sea eagles and eiders, and on rare occasions whales and killer whales have been spotted here.

Tranoy fyr Norge
Tranoy lighthouse in northern Norway

Living in a lighthouse

Should we live out there? It seemed almost unlikely! We rolled our little cabin bags along the aisle, while the wind got stronger and stronger. And yes, there was a little house out there for us, overlooking the sea.

Bo i en fyr - Tranoy fyr i Nordnorge
The road to the Tranoy lighthouse in northern Norway
Bo i en fyr i Norge
The door to our room!

Restaurant at Tranoy lighthouse

There is a small restaurant at Tranoy lighthouse. Here we met a nice Swedish couple who drove around, and who chose to stay one night more than planned. We understand them, because in this environment you can come down to earth!

In the restaurant we also had a really good dinner. We each chose a dish and then we shared: salmon with mango and fresh prawns with bread. Soooo good, and perfect together with a local IPA. The next morning it was breakfast in the same restaurant and a nice chat with the owner, before we had to roll on.

Middag Tranoy fyr
Salmon with mango and fresh prawns

Art in Tranoy

What else is there to do in Tranoy? Not too far from here is Hamsun Centre, which is definitely worth a visit. But there are also things to see much closer!

In Tranoy you will find both a gallery and sculptures. The weather wasn't the best when we checked out the art along the beach, but even so, we have to say that the sculptures and paintings look great by the sea. If you're passing by - don't miss this place!

Tranoy skulpturpark
Overlooking the sea
Tranoy konstutställning
Art by the sea in Tranoy
Tranoy - beautiful even without art

This trip was a press trip in co-operation with Visit Norway and Visit Bodö. The texts, pictures and opinions are as usual our own.

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