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Bethulie in South Africa - in the footsteps of the Boer War

Bethulie is a small town in the centre of South Africa that has much more to offer than we first realised. The Royal Hotel Bethulie is a genuine and special gem, filled with 120,000 books. What's more, the owner, who is the author of numerous history books, can tell you about the sometimes gruesome history of the Boer War and its infamous concentration camps.

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Life dreams, oyster fishing and wine making in the south of France

Guest writer: Mia Ulin

A good friend told me "If you keep saying I dream of ... without doing anything about it, nothing will happen". Then I realised that the timing was right," says Sara Verrall in Marseillaise.

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What to do in Hammamet, Tunisia - 13 tips

What to do in Hammamet, Tunisia? Hammamet is a Tunisian Mediterranean resort popular with holidaymakers from many different countries. It used to be a popular destination for charter flights from Sweden, and after a long hiatus, these trips are now starting to pick up again. Here are our top tips for things to see and do in Hammamet and the surrounding area.

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Varberg's coastal hotel - a place to long to return to

Guest writer: Magdalena

I have been to Varberg on a couple of occasions in the past and visited the city's attractions, such as the cosy city centre and Varberg Fortress.
This time my husband and I travelled to Varberg to enjoy a relaxing spa break at Varberg's Kusthotell after an intense period of life.

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A day at Bongska Huset and its big sister Hotel Mossbylund

Guest writer: Pernilla Ekholm

Bongska Huset in Abbekås is nicely located in Abbekås harbour in Skåne, close to the beach and the bathing jetty (the jetty was being set up in the morning when we were there). 

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Marina Point Bay Resort in Panglao, Philippines

Marina Point Bay Resort, on the island of Panglao in the Philippines, is a really nice place that offers a wonderfully relaxed environment. We stayed here for a while, and since we liked the place so much, we have to tell you about it.

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Everyday luxury at Hotel Dannegården in Trelleborg.

Guest writers: Magdalena and Pernilla

Travelling and long-distance adventures are great. But we don't think everyday luxury in your neighbourhood should be downplayed. We brightened up a rough weekday in February by travelling to Trelleborg and staying at Hotel Dannegården.

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Best hotels in Gothenburg

Today we present a guest article

Even though Gothenburg is not the capital of Sweden, the city is immensely popular with both Swedes and tourists. This is not only due to the city's practical and pleasant location, where Gothenburg is close to most things - along the coast you are close to water and some of the West Coast's finest gems, and inland you are close to a number of other well-known and well-visited cities. In other words, if you're visiting Gothenburg, there's plenty of wonderful things to do!

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Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Split - spa weekend in Croatia

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Split is located by the sea in Split and is perfect for a spa weekend in Croatia. We spent a few days here over Christmas, and it was great to experience Croatia in winter. Especially when we could enjoy spa baths, treatments and walks along the sea.

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4 quirky weekend cities in Europe - have you visited these?

"Broaden your horizons," says in a press release, suggesting four slightly more unusual weekend cities in Europe. Yes, but why not choose a weekend city that not everyone else chooses? We present the four cities along with our own reflections.

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