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A day at Bongska Huset and its big sister Hotel Mossbylund

Guest writer: Pernilla Ekholm

Bongska Huset in Abbekås is nicely located in Abbekås harbour in Skåne, close to the beach and the bathing jetty (the jetty was being set up in the morning when we were there). 

Bongska huset

Bongska is a hotel with seven rooms, all with views of the harbour and the sea. The theme runs like a red thread in the decor, both as sailors on paintings, ropes, knots or large fish hanging from the ceiling. 

Picnic package

Our hotel package is called the Picnic Package, which means that when we checked in, we went to the café and got a backpack packed with buns, coffee, fruit, coffee, water, blankets and a map of the area with tips for walks. 

We walked mostly by the sea but also some into the countryside. 

We had a nice spring day and could even lie down on the blanket in the sun for a while and feel the warmth on our noses. 


Bongska Huset offers many dishes from the sea and some evenings they also have pub quizzes and pizza nights. We are there in the middle of the week and are surprised and pleasantly surprised that there are so many diners in the pub.

Our picnic package includes a two-course meal. I choose their "fish gratin", it looks modern and tastes good. For dessert we choose differently and share equally and we all agree that both the creme catalanya and the vanilla parfait were very good. 

I had high expectations for the breakfast as we have eaten it a few times at Mossbylund. I think it lived up to those high expectations. Both how it looked, the flavours and the selection. We will gladly eat breakfast here again. 

Bongska huset frukost

Mossbylund Hotel

After checking out, we went a few kilometres away to Hotell Mossbylund to visit their lovely spa. Mossbylund, which we visited earlier, is the big sister of Bongska Huset. The spa is both indoor and outdoor.

Indoors there is a sauna, pool and a relaxation room to rest in and outdoors there are sunbeds, jacuzzi, two hot pools. Part of the outdoor part of the spa is newly renovated and now there is also a cold bath, which we cooled off in several times. 

The hotel has room for 120 overnight guests and both the hotel and spa have grown over the years that I have visited them. Hotel Mossbylund still manages to maintain a calm and a cosy feeling when you are there. Many guests are returning as they, just like uslikes the family atmosphere.

/Pernilla Ekholm

Magdalena Hjortzberg och Pernilla Ekholm

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Magdalena and Pernilla

Magdalena Hjortzberg and Pernilla Ekholm run and live in southern Skåne. Both are social workers whose main leisure interest is travelling with their family, but they also enjoy making things and travelling with friends and parents. They want to share the things they do that enrich their lives to inspire others.

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