Are you planning to drive in Europe on holiday? Are you taking a car, motorhome, caravan or even a motorbike on holiday? This page provides tips and information on everything from driving rules to what to look out for and how to find campsites and overnight pitches.

Bila in Europe

Travelling by car is a great way to discover Europe. You are free to travel wherever you want and can change your route along the way. Remember to take your passport, driving licence and registration certificate with you, and make sure your insurance is up to date. Here you will find reports with tips and inspiration for travelling.

Travelling in Europe with a motorhome

An even more amazing way to travel, in our opinion, is by motorhome. As well as being able to drive wherever you like, you always have a bedroom and kitchen with you. At night you can choose whether you want to stay and sleep at a campsite, at a simple 'pitch' or if you want to free camp. We spent a whole year travelling in Europe with a motorhome in 2015, and here are some articles about travelling on a long trip with a motorhome.

By motorhome in different countries

In Europe, you can travel by motorhome almost everywhere, but there are of course different things to consider in different countries. In addition, if you have a heavy motorhome (over 3.5 tonnes), you need to check which countries require additional motorway tolls and how this works in that particular country.

Campsites and pitches

When travelling by motorhome, caravan or with a car and tent, it is useful to know where to find pitches and campsites. There are plenty of apps, websites and catalogues where you can find places to stay. You'll find all the pitches and campsites we've visited under the heading 'Pitches' in the menu.

More to read

If you're planning a trip, you'll find even more reading below.

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