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BestPark car parks in Finland - we have tested them

Have you discovered BestPark sites in Finland? We've been travelling by motorhome in Finland for just under two months, and in that time we've been able to test some BestPark sites. Here we tell you more!


BestPark car parks in Finland

We have received quite a few questions about how it works with pitches in Finland. In general you can say that there are more limited pitches compared to Sweden, but on the other hand there are plenty of campsites, and it is also relatively easy to free camp.

Men, there are also car parks. Among other things, the company offers BestPark a number of car parks around Finland. We cooperated with BestPark a few years ago, when they showed their "Best Point" service centre in our stand at the "Husbil Stockholm" exhibition. It was therefore natural for us to work with BestPark again - and to test their pitches!

Best Park ställplatser i Finland
The FREEDOM motorhome at the BestPark site in Varessäikkä, south of Oulu.

How BestPark car parks work in Finland

BestPark pitches are available in four different quality-assured levels, and all levels offer good, fresh and modern services. There are either a BestPoint module or a more developed service centre, and electrical outlets.

The BestPoint module provides fresh water and the possibility to empty grey water and latrine. If there are service centres, you can also find toilets, showers, a sauna and a washing machine.

Best Park ställplatser i Finland
A BestPoint service module in Merimasku

How to book BestPark pitches in Finland

You can book and pay for a BestPark pitch by going to company website. There you select the desired pitch by scrolling sideways among the pitches, and then click on "Book now". To find the right site, it may be easiest to scroll down to the map, where all sites are marked.

Best Park ställplatser i Finland
The FREEDOM motorhome on its way into the Varessäikkä car park.

BestPark car park in Merimasku (Naantali)

The first BestPark site we tested was the one in Merimasku, that is, just outside Naantali. This is a "BestPark Easy", which means that it is a simpler site with a BestPoint service module. Here you book a parking space for yourself and a pit stop (service module) for yourself.

Best Park ställplatser i Finland - Merimasku

This place has a great location in the archipelago, and we enjoyed it very much.

Best Park ställplatser i Finland - Merimasku

There is a cosy archipelago restaurant right next to the site. If you then want to visit Naantali it is only 12 minutes by car.

Archipelago restaurant in Merimasku, right next to the campsite

BestPark car park in Varessäikkä (Oulu)

The next time we stopped at a BestPark car park was in Varessäikkä, which is just under an hour south of the Oulu. This site is beautifully located by the sea and has three stars, which means it is the second highest level of service.

Best Park ställplatser i Finland - Varessäikkä

We took a seat overlooking the sea, as we were also standing next to a small beach hut that you can rent. It was of course not relevant for us, but it looked really tempting!

On a Bestpark site with this level of service, there is a proper service centre. This particular service centre has fresh water, latrine emptying, toilets, showers and even a sauna. Right next door you can empty your rubbish and grey water.

BestPark ställplatser i Finland

Want to take a look inside? Here you can see what the shower and toilets look like. Everything is modern and fresh!

BestPark car park in Toranda (Tornio)

Last but not least, we checked out the BestPark car park in Toranda, in Tornio. We didn't actually stay here, because we were told that we wanted to enter Sweden. In retrospect, we can say that we regretted not staying at BestPark in Toranda. This is really a fantastic place with a lovely view of the water!

BestPark ställplatser i Finland

The site has three stars according to BestPark's own system, and there is a service centre.

BestPark ställplatser i Finland

There is also a restaurant with nice seats facing the sea, outdoor tables and benches, and a kitchen.

strandrestaurang Torneå

Have you tried BestPark car parks in Finland?

All in all, we can say that we have found it easy to use and book BestPark's pitches in Finland, and that you can always be sure of good service. Have you tried BestPark pitches? How was your experience? Please tell us!

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