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We are Helena & Peter Bergström and you have found our travel magazine FREEDOMtravel. We live in a houseboat in Stockholm and we love travelling. Whenever we get the chance we travel in Sweden, Europe or the world. We travel in different ways - sometimes by motorhome, sometimes as backpackers and sometimes on more comfortable flights. You can read more about us and our magazine here.

About FREEDOMtravel

The travel magazine FREEDOMtravel was started in 2009 as a blog by us, Peter and Helena Bergström. Today it is one of Sweden's largest magazines on travel, adventure and camping. Here you will find tips on travel destinations in Sweden, Europe and the world, and we also update with a new report every morning at 06:00. We also run an online shop with gifts and smart gadgets.

Peter & Helena

About our trips

We have travelled to more than 60 countries on five continents. We are mostly travelling in Europe, but we have also travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway, in Africa and in New Zealand. In 2015, we took a year's leave of absence and travelled through Europe by motorhome. Today we spend many months each year travelling.

Helena och Peter

About our motorhome

Our motorhome is an Adria Coral 660 sp from 2007, but we have rebuilt it both inside and out, so it is not easy to recognise. This motorhome has taken us on many exciting trips around Europe.

About our houseboat

Our houseboat is moored at a quayside in Solna. The houseboat is probably from the early 1900s and has been rebuilt several times. The last time was when we lifted it up on land in 2014 and did an extensive total renovation and remodelling.


Interested in co-operation?

Would you like to work with us? Read more on our page on co-operation. You can also read more about our travel magazine in English.

Skidresa till Österrike

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  1. Johanna i Skåne says:

    Happy birthday Helena!!! Hope you have (another) a wonderful day! It looks wonderful on the islands?

  2. Johanna i Skåne says:

    Looks absolutely marvellous, of course it should say?

  3. Greetings to you from Naples
    Beautiful website

  4. Maria says:

    Looking forward to reading about your experiences in Hungary.
    Should you on the way there have the roads past Vienna (not entirely unlikely, I suspect), please get in touch and we will offer you a cup of coffee. 🙂

  5. admin says:

    Maria, but oh what a nice invitation! We thank you so much, but this time we fly so there will probably be no stopover there 😉 But thank you very much!

  6. Maria says:

    What a lovely blog!
    My youngest daughter and I have just finished a little over a year in our motorhome. Which we acquired, and have in the USA. It has been a wonderfully delightful, and challenging year. So glad we did it. Looking forward to sharing more of your adventures 🙂 .


  7. Yes, now I got an answer to my question, you live on the houseboat 🙂.
    I thought you had an apartment...
    that you only stayed on the houseboat during your trips.

  8. Nice to find this list - must click through 🙂 .

  9. Luna Richardson says:

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    English version:

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    Best wishes,

  10. uta V. says:

    absolutely fantastic, the best ever! aimless. so much work you have done!
    longing for all the articles and pictures back home to Saltjöbaden, my second home country until 2013.

  11. olympia says:

    Thanks for all your useful info and photos.

    Please check the distances from Herning to Copenhagen and from Herning to Aarhus. Herning is over 200km from Copenhagen and about 76km from Aarhus.


    • Helena says:

      Hi, thanks! I guess you read the article translated into English. Unfortunately, when we have used Swedish mile (10 kilometres) the translation goes crazy. It doens't understand the concept of a Swedish mile and translate it into kilometers, which get very wrong in the translated version ... From now on we only use kilometers and we try to change in old articles as well. Thanks for letting us know, we have changed to kilometers in the Herning-article.

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