Travelling in Sweden? Whether you like beautiful beaches, vast forests or picturesque small towns, our country is a great place to go on holiday. Here you'll find tips on lots of great holiday destinations in Sweden.

Why travel in Sweden?

Sweden is a beautiful but varied country. In the north you have the mountains and vast expanses, in the west the beautiful rocky coasts, in the south deciduous forests and beaches, and in the east the beautiful archipelago. Just to name a few examples!

While travelling in Sweden you can experience nature, but of course also culture, history and exciting cities. Here you will find lots of tips and reading about great travel destinations in Sweden.

Travel destinations in Sweden - inspirational reading

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På resa i Sverige - resmål i Sverige
Peter & Helena Bergström from, travelling in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden - a guide from north to south

Want to travel in Sweden on your holiday? Here you'll find tips broken down by region, from north to south in our elongated country.

Info and facts about Sweden

  • Capital city: Stockholm
  • Language: Swedish (Minority languages: Yiddish, Romani Chib, Sami, Finnish and Meänkieli)
  • Residents: More than 10.4 million (2022)
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Flag: Blue flag with yellow cross
  • National anthem: You old, you free
  • Currency: Swedish krona

Travelling in Sweden

  • Flight: Travelling domestically by air can be particularly useful when you want to travel long distances. For example, you can fly with SAS, BRA flyg, Malmö Aviation and several other airlines.
  • Trains: Sweden can be discovered by train and you can travel with SJ, Vy, Snälltåget and Inlandsbanan. In addition, MTRX and FlixTrain operate between Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  • Car/caravan: Holidaying by car or motorhome is a great way to travel in Sweden. There are plenty of campsites and pitches, but they can get crowded in the summer. Here you can read more about campsites and pitches in Sweden.
  • Ferries: Sweden has many islands, so travelling by ferry is often a good option. Many car ferries that run short distances are also completely free.

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