Are you or your company interested in cooperating with us? If your company wants to reach out to new people, we can discuss advertising or editorial articles, which we write in co-operation. We also write for other newspapers and online magazines and offer lectures and consultancy services. At the bottom of this page you can read our PR policy.

Want to know more about our travel magazine first?

If you want to know more about the reach of the travel magazine and our readers, you can read more on our travel magazine. Please contact us with your proposal for email.

Advertise in our digital travel magazine

We can place adverts so that they are visible both on the home page and in the all our approximately 3800 articles, which means you reach many people in your target audience at once. You only pay per actual page view, which we can document using the Advanced Ads and Google Analytics programmes. All ads are visible whether the magazine is read on a computer, iPad or mobile phone. Contact the media company Tjälldén Group to discuss arrangements and prices!

Be featured in articles in our digital travel magazine

We are open to collaboration on articles for our digital travel magazine, as long as we consider the topic interesting and consistent with the magazine's focus. The article can either be written by your company (and published as a guest article) or by us, as agreed.

Please note that we always write our own honest opinions and that we follow Swedish legislation, which means that collaboration must always be labelled. Here you can see examples of previous collaborations on articles published in our magazine.

Sponsored articles written by us

Sponsored guest articles, written by an external partner

Skidresa till Österrike

"What incredible dedication the couple at FREEDOMtravel put into their work! They really want to know EVERYTHING about the places they write about. They ask questions and do their own research. Their dedication and curiosity deliver high quality articles and tips. Our co-operation has not only been appreciated by us at Destination Glasriket AB but also by the actors they have visited and written about.

Mia Lundholm, Destination Glasriket AB

Journalistic assignments

Not only do we write for our own travel magazine, but we also occasionally take on other journalistic assignments. Are you looking for a guest writer or an article writer for your newspaper or online magazine? Feel free to contact us for reports on travelling and/or camping. Here you can see samples of previous articles we have written on assignment:

Articles for newspapers and online magazines



  • All about caravanning & camping, 2019 Aug: Beach Basket Challenge
  • My motorhome, 2018 No. 6: Historic autumn in Stockholm
  • My motorhome, 2018 No 6: Ireland by motorhome
  • My motorhome, 2018 No 6: Amsterdam
  • All about caravanning & camping, 2018 No 10: Shop for wine in Valpolicella
  • All about caravanning & camping, 2018 No 9: Beer, spa and agent 007
  • My motorhome, 2018 No. 5: Among the castles and vineyards of the Czech Republic



Min Husbil Tjeckien


We can lecture for companies and organisations, at fairs, events or wherever you wish. Among other things, we can lecture about different destinations and about travelling with a motorhome. We can also talk about things like starting a travel blog/travel magazine or reaching out through social media. Here you can see examples of lectures we have given in the past:

Previous lectures


  • The senior citizens' fair 5/10: 15 islands to visit in Europe
  • The senior citizens' fair 4/10: How are we travelling in 2023? - trends and tips
  • Elmia Caravan Motorhome, 10/9 2022: Lumber road in Germany
  • Elmia Caravan Motorhome, 9/9 2022: Nature in the north of the Czech Republic
  • Elmia Caravan Motorhome, 8/9 2022: Beauty spots in lovely Skåne
  • Kingdom of glass 31/3 2022: Travelling in the Glass Kingdom
  • Motorhome Sthlm 20/3 2022: Road trip in fantastic Switzerland
  • Motorhome Sthlm 20/3 2022: Magical travel destinations in Germany
  • Motorhome Sthlm 19/3 2022: More than glass in Småland's Glass Kingdom
  • Motorhome Sthlm 19/3 2022: The Crystal Valley in northern Czech Republic
  • Motorhome Sthlm 18/3 2022: Picturesque gems in Poland
  • Motorhome Sthlm 18/3 2022: Beauty spots in lovely Skåne





Let's become a retailer

We run a online shop with smart and fun gadgets for those who like travelling, leisure, motorhomes, caravans or boating, and we also have a lot of Swedish gifts. You can contact us if you have products that you think may be suitable for sale in our online store. We are happy to work with so-called dropshipping.

Social media consultancy

Does your business or destination need help reaching out? We know about writing, search engine optimisation and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. We also have a good overview of active travel writers, travel bloggers and influencers.

We can offer consulting hours to set up a social media strategy, manage social media or help put together a suitable team of travel bloggers and influencers for a press trip. Don't hesitate to contact us and let's discuss different possibilities together!

PR policy

In our travel magazine, we publish what we choose to write about and what we think might interest our readers. Comments are welcomed and accepted as long as they do not contain personal attacks or other things that violate the law.

All texts and images published in the magazine are our own, unless otherwise stated. You are always welcome to link to us if you find what we publish interesting. Contact us by e-mail if you want to use any of our texts or images.

Press releases and product samples

In order to provide our readers with good and relevant information, we keep ourselves updated on travel, adventure and camping. We continuously receive press releases and are invited to various events where companies present products or services.

It is sometimes necessary to test a product or a service in order to write an interesting article, and the views we present are always our own. It is not possible to buy our opinions.

Co-operation and partners

We are responsible for everything we write in our articles, even in cases where we write an article in collaboration with well-chosen partners, and we only write about what interests us or what we think might interest our readers. All collaborations and sponsored articles are labelled according to the Marketing Act.

Of course we have signed the petition from Influencers of Sweden. #jagsmygerinte - for an ethical and professional blogging industry.

Jag smyger inte

We intend to comply with the Marketing Act and be clear to our readers/followers about what constitutes sponsored content and product placement on our magazine and in our social channels.

Helena and Peter Bergström, FREEDOMtravel

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