Destination Sardinia! Do you like idyllic little sandy beaches, great boat trips and crystal clear waters? Here are our top tips for travelling to Sardinia!

Why travel to Sardinia?

There are plenty of paradise beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water. Everywhere you can join various boat trips or perhaps hire a boat yourself. In several places there are nice caves with stalagtites and stalagmites that you can visit, often by boat.

Nature is green and beautiful, and feels varied with all the mountains. Many towns are relatively small and feel pleasant with plenty of outdoor seating. Here you will find lots of articles about Sardinia.

Sardinia travel destinations - inspirational reading

resmål på Sardinien
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The art of eating a meal in Italy

There is a certain order in which Italians eat. Follow it!

resmål på Sardinien

Info and facts about Sardinia

  • Capital city Cagliari
  • Language: Sardinian, Italian and Catalan (in Alghero)
  • Residents: 1.6 million (2017)
  • Religion: Christianity (mainly Catholicism)
  • Currency: Euro

Good to know about Sardinia

  • Price mode: Slightly cheaper than Sweden
  • Time difference: Same time as in Sweden
  • Emergency number: Call 112 if you have an emergency
  • El: Works like in Sweden
  • Water: Good drinkable water.
  • Think about: Eating is the same as in Italy, i.e. there are primi piatti (pasta, risotto, etc.) and secondi piatti (meat, fish, etc.) and side dishes such as potatoes and vegetables are ordered separately.

Travelling to Sardinia

  • Fly to Alghero: From Arlanda to Alghero Fertilia airport (AHO) with a stopover is excellent from May to September. Norwegian flies during high season. Effective flight time is around 3 hours directly, but with a stopover you can expect 9-10 hours. If you want to travel at other times, there are two stopovers and it is Air France you have to turn to.
  • Fly to Olbia or Cagliari: From Arlanda to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB), or to Cagliari Elma Airport (CAG), with a stopover is possible between May and September. More airlines fly like SAS, Air Italy, Norwegian during high season. Expect a total flight time of around 9-10 hours with the change. Travelling in the low season with one or two changes is possible but more expensive.
  • Ferry: You can also travel to Sardinia by ferry, from 28 different destinations in Italy, France, Corsica and Sicily, with 8 different shipping companies. On the you will find the best information.

Food and drink in Sardinia

  • Food: Non-bread staples are bread, pasta, meat and cheese. Rabbit, goat and lamb are also common on the island. In addition, you will find fish and crustaceans, including sea urchin.
  • National dish: The regional national dish of Sardinia is roasted suckling pig on skewers called Porcheddu.
  • In a restaurant: You eat in the same order as in the rest of Italy: The art of eating a meal in Italy.
  • Fruit and vegetables: Here you will find delicious figs, melons, apricots, mandarins and more.
  • Wine: Wine has been grown in Sardinia for thousands of years and there are many vineyards on the island. Cannonau and Vermentino are the most common grapes.
  • Other beverages: There are liqueurs like Limoncello (lemon) and Finocchietto (fennel). If you want something stronger, there is Sardinian grappa called Filu e Ferru.

Accommodation in Sardinia

  • Hotel: There are plenty of different types of accommodation in Sardinia, ranging from hotels, apartments and rooms in houses. Search for example with and
  • Camping: There are also plenty of campsites. Read more about campsites and caravan parks in Sardinia.

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