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Sardinia-Sicily ferry - night under the open sky

Last Saturday evening we took the ferry Sardinia - Sicily, from Cagliari in Sardinia to Palermo in Sicily. The ferry takes 12 hours and runs 1-2 times/week, depending on the season. We paid about 2500 SEK for two adults and a motorhome, without a cabin.


Since the ferry left at night, it would have been nice to have a place to sleep, but ALL sleeping options (cabin, bed, armchair) were fully booked so it was just to bite the bullet. We each packed a pillow and a blanket and slept on the benches on the deck, directly under the starry sky.

Ferry Sardinia - Sicily and a night on deck

We thought we were a bit clever packing a pillow and blanket, but most other deck travellers were even more experienced. When evening came, tent beds, sleeping mats and sleeping bags were unpacked. One dad shamelessly inflated a huge air mattress in the bar. Then people slept everywhere: in the restaurant, in the bar, in the corridors, on the deck ...

Färja - Sardinien-Sicilien
Experienced people pitch tents, haha!
Vi vinkar adjö till Cagliari och Sardinien
Waving goodbye to Cagliari and Sardinia
Färja Sardinien-Sicilien
Ferry Sardinia - Sicily, many of the cars outside (!) on deck - not FREEDOM though...

What a night!

Despite terribly disgusting food (half-cold revived spaghetti with small strange pieces of squid), the ferry journey went better than expected. We looked around and found places, no, empty floor space in the corridors because there were others lying there too. Those who did not lie already had put their bags or backpacks to show that it is busy.

After a while, some ship staff came and scared us away, so we went up on deck instead with blankets and pillows. We lay down on these white benches and slept in the sweet summer winds of like 25+ degrees. All of a sudden the sun came up and revealed a beautiful sky. Palermo in the morning light. Absolutely fantastic to wake up like this with the sun in your eyes. Now we have arrived in Sicily!

Jag är nyvaken efter en natt under stjärnorna på däck
I am freshly awake after a night on deck under the stars
Färja Sardinien - sicilien
What a start to the day...WOW!
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