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From Sicily to Calabria

Yesterday it was time to leave Sicily and roll into Calabria, the Italian region down at the "tip of the toe". We liked the east coast of Sicily the most and therefore it was almost a bit sad to leave this part of the island. But of course we want to move on!


From Taormina in Sicily

We rolled through narrow streets on the outskirts of Taormina (how many times have we driven through narrow alleys with our big car!?) and saw a luxury yacht with a special interior detail, before it was time to take the ferry from Sicily.

Lyxyacht med rutschkana i Taormina - varför inte?
Luxury yacht with slide in Taormina - why not?

Ferry from Messina

We took a ferry from Messina in Sicily to Saint Giovanni in Calabria, in southern Italy. The ferry takes about 30 minutes and costs 55 euros for two adults and a motorhome. What about Calabria? We started by taking the motorway upwards and went through tunnel after tunnel through the mountains ...

Kalabrien nästa! Färjan över från Sicilien tog ca 30 minuter
The mainland next! The ferry across from Sicily took about 30 minutes.

When we finally arrived in the city Tropea we were surprised - Wow, can it be this beautiful in Calabria? Of course, we will report more from this place soon.

Kartbilden visar hur vi körde igår - från Taormina på Sicilien till Tropea i Kalabrien
The map image shows how we drove yesterday - from Taormina in Sicily to Tropea in Calabria.
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