Travel destinations in Tunisia! Here you will find inspiration and tips for your trip to Tunisia. We offer plenty of information about places, sights and things to see and do while travelling in this exciting and wonderful country.

Why travel to Tunisia?

Tunisia is a small country in north-east Africa, one third of which is desert. As a tourist, you can experience the spectacular Sahara through guided tours, camel riding or quad biking. The most magical way to do this is to spend a night in a desert camp under the stars.

The capital of Tunisia is Tunis, where you'll find bustling markets. If you want to sunbathe and swim, you can visit Hammamet or Djerba. In Tunisia, you can also enjoy spas, play golf, taste wines or see the filming locations of Star Wars. Here you will find lots of articles about Tunisia.

Travel destinations in Tunisia - inspirational reading

resmål i Tunisien
Helena and Peter Bergström in Tunisia, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel
resmål i Tunisien

Info and facts about Tunisia

  • Capital city: Tunis
  • Language: Arabic (Berber language spoken by 1 per cent and French is also an important language)
  • Residents: 11.8 million (2020)
  • Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND)
  • Religion: Islam
  • National anthem: Humat al-Hima
  • National Day: 20 March

Good to know about Tunisia

  • Price mode: Cheaper than Sweden
  • Time differenceThere is no time difference between Sweden and Tunisia except during summer time. Then the time difference is 1 hour.
  • Water: Choose bottled drinking water

Travelling to Tunisia

  • Flight: The airline Nouvelair flies directly between Stockholm Arlanda and the capital Tunis. You can also travel by charter, for example with Apollo.
  • Car: It is also possible to reach Tunisia by car or campervan. Ferries run from Marseilles and from Sicily.

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