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Thalassotherapy in Tunisia - Visits to two Thalasso & spas

We have tested thalassotherapy in Tunisia, a treatment using seawater. We tell you about the therapy, as well as our own experience of the treatment.


What is thalassotherapy?

The Greek word 'thalasso' means sea, and 'therapy', as you know, means treatment. This describes quite clearly what thalassotherapy is, i.e. treatment using seawater.

Both cold and warm seawater can be included, as well as sea air, mud, sand and algae. According to many, the treatment can help reduce stress and pain, activate blood flow and help keep the skin healthy, among other benefits.

Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Press picture from Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa

Thalassotherapy has been known since the 18th century, and in the past, cures often began with an appointment with a thalassotherapy doctor who designed a customised treatment plan. In many ways, it resembled classic thermal baths or spas, but with a focus on seawater in the treatments.

Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Press picture from Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa

Today, the therapy is often combined with spa, hammam and classic wellness treatments, such as massage, and also various beauty treatments. Some examples of treatments that can be included in thalassotherapy:

  • Water pressure massage
  • Jet-spray shower
  • Wrapping with clay
  • Sea water baths with algae
Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Bathtub for seawater treatment at The Residence, Tunis

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia - The Residence, Tunis

When we were in Tunis, we made a visit to the luxurious hotel The Residence, which offers spa and thalassotherapy. We didn't have time to try any treatments here, but we did a small tour with a guide.

Residence, Tunis

This spa felt incredibly fresh and exclusive. There is a large, lovely pool, which we couldn't photograph because people were swimming in it. However, we can offer pictures from some of the treatment rooms.

Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Inside, the guest/client faces the wall, while the practitioner directs the water jet at the person's back.

For our part, there were certainly no treatments here, but instead we ended the visit with a super good lemon drink and a bunch of tasty sweets. It was not so bad either!


Thalassotherapy in Tunisia - we tested at Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa

When we got to the island of Djerba, it was finally time for us to try thalassotherapy ourselves. Exciting! We were welcomed to the Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa, where we tried three treatments each.

Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa

We tried a kind of peeling, a mud wrap and a traditional massage. Together, the treatments took around two hours, and we were led off in different directions. Afterwards, we realised that we had similar - but also different - experiences.

We both felt that the treatments were relaxing and really good, and we felt like completely "new" people when we left. One difference was that Peter wore his swimming shorts during all treatments, while I (Helena) felt that the female therapists were quick to ask me to take off my bikini and change into disposable panties. Afterwards, we were told that you can choose how you want to feel during the treatments.

We started with a steam bath followed by a peeling. Then it was time for the mud wrap. In addition to the mud, you were wrapped in plastic and a blanket, and everything was then heated, so that it became heavy and warm around the body. After 20 minutes it was time to take a shower. Last but not least, it was time for a traditional full body massage. All in all, a really wonderful experience!

Thalassoterapi i Tunisien

Peter also had time for a little swim in the pool.

Thalassoterapi i Tunisien

Considerations for thalassotherapy in Tunisia

Are you curious to try thalassotherapy in Tunisia? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Book treatment in good timeto make sure you get the treatment you want. You can also ask for advice on appropriate treatments.
  • Tell us if you are pregnant or have an illnessso that the treatment can be adapted to your needs.
  • Check the age limit if you are travelling with children/young people. Some treatments may have an age limit, and children may sometimes be welcomed in pool areas between certain hours.
  • Arrive in good time for treatmentat least half an hour beforehand can be helpful. You may need to fill in forms about your health and the like.
  • Bring your swimwearas this is required in the pool and sauna, for example. You can usually borrow a bathrobe, towel and slippers.
  • Consider the 'spa label', which may require peace and quiet, and that photography is not allowed in areas with other people.
Thalassoterapi i Tunisien
Press picture from Ulysse Djerba Thalasso & Spa

More to see and do in Tunisia

If you visit Tunisia's capital Tunis, we recommend experiencing the bazaars, as well as visiting the charming town of Sidi Bou Said and the interesting archaeological site of Carthage. If you visit the island of Djerba, you won't want to miss the cool street art neighbourhood and the beautiful synagogue. And of course you can enjoy the sun and swimming!

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