Here you will find tips for your holiday in Europe. You'll find everything from paradise beaches and nature experiences to skiing and big cities. Let our travel tips inspire you to start planning your trip! Click on the country you are interested in and find lots of inspiration and ideas. All tips are based on our own experience and the countries featured are countries we have visited ourselves. Let the dreams begin for a wonderful holiday in Europe!

Holidays in the Nordic countries

North offers magnificent scenery, charming cities, historical sights and plenty of dining and adventure experiences. Read more about the country you are curious about:


Holidays in Western Europe

I Western Europe you will find everything from exciting big cities to wonderful nature experiences. Read more about the country you are interested in:

Schweiz alper

Holidays in Eastern Europe

I Eastern Europe there are many gems hidden away! For example, did you know that there are wild bison in Poland, that there are plenty of vineyards in Hungary or that Latvia's restaurants serve really modern and creative food? Read more about the country you want to know more about:


Holidays in Southern Europe

Southern Europe attracts with its beautiful Mediterranean coastline, pleasant climate and delicious Mediterranean food. There is also plenty to do in the countryside and in the vibrant cities of southern Europe. Read more about any country:

Holidays in the Balkans

Last but not least, let's not forget the glorious countries on the Balkans! Discover all the lovely islands of Croatia, visit the charming Bay of Kotor in Montenegro or explore the beautiful and exciting Albania. Read more about the country you want to visit:

ksamil - semester i Europa

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