Travel destinations in North Macedonia! Do you like charming holiday towns, historical sights and low prices? Here are our top tips for travelling to North Macedonia!

Why travel to North Macedonia?

North Macedonia has no sea coast, but you can sunbathe and swim at the lovely Lake Ohrid. The cities of Ohrid, Struga and Skopje are wonderful towns, with cosy restaurants and historical sights such as churches and Roman theatres.

People in North Macedonia are friendly and often extremely generous. Prices are also low, making it easy to shop and eat out in restaurants. Find articles about North Macedonia here.

Travel Destinations in North Macedonia - Inspirational Reading

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Peter and Helena Bergström in North Macedonia, the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel

More destinations in North Macedonia - bucket list


The fourth most important relic in the world after Ankor Wat, Stonehenge and Abu Simbel. The remains from 3800 B.C. are located on a mountain 1013 metres above sea level. A 19-year lunar calendar has been carved into the rock. They call it an observatory.

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Lake Mavrovo

Lake Mavrovo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Macedonia. It is located at an altitude of 1000 metres and about 100 km from Skopje. In the centre of the lake is a half-sunken church, which makes everyone want to see and take pictures.

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Source: Kuklica_01 - markoskavesna - All Creative Commoms


About 8 km from the town of Kratovo you'll find the small village of Kuklica with about 100 inhabitants. Known for its stone pillars that look like people, Kuklica is nicknamed the "stone village".

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Matka Canyon

This is the river Treska which is also the world's oldest artificial lake (Lake Matka). It was created in 1938 to generate electricity and here you can go boating or canoeing in the canyon.

240 different butterflies float around here and the canyon is also known as 'butterfly canyon'. Hiking trails, monasteries and restaurants all around. Just book your next trip!

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Galichica National Park

National Park is located between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa in North Macedonia. We took this photo while travelling around Lake Ohrid in the beautiful wild nature of Galichica National Park.

Source: Entrance to Cocev Kamen-Bojan Rantasa - All Cretive Commons

Cocev Kamen

50 km east of Skopje Cocev Kamen (Tsotsev Kamen), near the city of Krotovo, is a volcanic mountain with paintings and carvings from a very long time ago. They call it a megalithic observatory that has remains from around 20,000 BC.

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Source: Golem Grad_005-markoskavesna - All Creative Commons

Golem Grad (snake island)

The coolest excursion ever and you are welcome as a tourist. An uninhabited island in Lake Prespa in the Galichica National Park, guarded by snakes and cormorants. There are three harbours on the island protected by stone walls.

Two monastery ruins (St Dimitrija and a 5th century basilica, and a church of St Peter) that are intact. Head inside to light a candle and check out old frescoes from Constantinople by the Persians from 626.

Golem Grad means Big city and here were once about 10 monasteries. There are ruins everywhere and the trees are 1000 years old. The island is 750 x 450 metres and this is where Tsar Samuel would come after he fought all his battles. Today, Tsar Samuel's treasures are guarded by snakes. DARE YOU?


The capital Skopje and the stone bridge which has seen it all, and is the symbol of Skopje. Built around 1450, it has survived 2 earthquakes, fires, mining and was to be blown up but was cancelled.

Experience Macedonia Square, Skopje Triumphal Arch, Archaeological Museum, Stara Carsija Bazaar, Kala Fort, Vardar River, Mother Teresa Museum and Macedonian Orthodox Church.


Tetovo is located in the north-west of the country.. Attractions are the unique mosque (decorated mosque) Sarena Dzamija from 1438 on the river Pena. Here you will also find Arabati Baba Tekje which is a Bektashi order (faith), and Tetovo fortress next to Mount Baltepe.

Bey's Hamam is a Turkish bath from the 16th century, and North Macedonia's most popular ski resort Popova Sapka at 1780 metres in the Sar Mountains.


Sirok Sokak street is the main street where you can drink coffee and watch the crowds. The Saat Kula bell tower, the Yeni Mosque, the historic Dragor bazaar and the Church of St Dimitrija are not to be missed.

The ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis founded by Philip II in 400 BC, and continued by the Romans and Byzantines with amphitheatres, baths, churches and temples.

Bitola is the oldest town in North Macedonia and the second largest city in the country. The Pelister National Park at Mount Baba is a must-see and it is possible to stay overnight in the park in a hotel.

Source: Kumanovo Square-vesnickamarkovska - All Creative Commons


North Macedonia's third largest city he biggest attraction in the region is the megalithic observatory in Kokino. Kumanovo square has a lot like the Napredok cinema, the statue of former president Tito.

In the square stands the beloved Batko Gjorgjija. as a statue, and go to the market and buy your Ray-bans for pennies. Shop Nike or Replay for no money at all, or check out their own cool designer Aleksandar Rashkovich.


Prilep is the fourth largest city in the country and has plenty to offer. Swim in the large pool in the centre of town, and check out the most beautiful bell tower in all of North Macedonia, built in 1826. Tobacco is grown on every corner and huge rocks are everywhere, with boulders so big that you learn to climb mountains on them.

See the charshi mosque or go/ride up the mountain and check out the cool ruins of King Markos Towers, the Church of the Holy, St Nikola Church or head up the mountain to Treskavec Monastery and see the most beautiful sunset in North Macedonia.

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Source: Marble Lake, Macedonia-george.k 1981 - All Creative Commons

Prilep Marble Lake

The white gold located outside the town of Prilep. There is the whitest marble in the world called "Sivec" and the Statue of Liberty's pedestal comes from here and a lot of marble on the White House.

Around the huge marble mountain marble has been sawn out, and when they got 40 metres down, the water table started to rise and they had to abandon the quarry.

Marble Lake is 100 metres wide with turquoise water. and is located outside the village of Belovodica. To get here, an off-road vehicle or horse is recommended. Keep in mind that it is not an official base camp and if something happens, you are on your own. Enormously beautiful and cool!

Source: Panorama-Pero Kvrzica - All Creative Commons


Velves is the sixth largest city in North Macedonia in the Povarda region where most of the country's wine is produced. We are now southeast of Skopje and North Macedonia's main river Vardar runs through the centre of the city.

Check out the St Pantaleon church which is incredibly powerful, or St Demetrius Monastery. The monastery church was built in the 15th century by King Stephen Susan, and 100 metres away is Vale's oldest church, the 13th century Church of St John the Baptist.


South of Skopje is the oldest capital of North Macedonia in the province of Salutaris. Stobi was once the city of Paionia and the place where the Vardar River and the Erigon River (Crna) join.

This is the most significant archaeological site in North Macedonia. From 200 BC this city was built as a central point for business. Churches, tombs, amphitheatre, Roman baths, palaces, main streets, markets with lots of mosaics that are very well preserved.


Debar is located on the western side of the country towards Albania.. Delar lake is an artificial lake where black Drin and Radika meet. A typical spa town with lots of springs, and at the same time you can see very old churches and monasteries in Gari and Osoj.

There is also the Elen Skok stone bridge built in the 18th century and designed by Mimar Hayrudin who designed the bridge in Mostar.


Info and facts about North Macedonia

  • Capital city: Skopje
  • Language: Macedonian and Albanian
  • Residents: 2 million (2020)
  • Currency: Denar (MKD)
  • National anthem: Denes nad Makedonija
  • National Day: 8 September

Good to know about North Macedonia

  • Price mode: Cheap (cheaper than in Sweden)
  • Time difference: None compared to Sweden

Travelling to North Macedonia

  • Flights: It is possible to fly directly from Stockholm to Skopje with Wizz Air.
  • Car/caravan: Of course, you can also take your car or motorhome to North Macedonia. For example, you can drive via Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia.

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