A motorhome is both a car and a home, and it's only natural that things break down from time to time. Plus, you may want to spruce up, rebuild or get new accessories.

Fixing up your motorhome or caravan

Sometimes you need to fix things that are broken in your motorhome or caravan. Other times you just want to redecorate and tidy up. Here we have gathered information and tips on how to fix your motorhome.

Fixing your motorhome: exterior design

We have done a lot of work on the exterior design of our motorhome. Among other things, we have foiled the entire car and installed a larger sunroof. We have also equipped our motorhome with a lot of new exterior lighting, everything from fog lights and position lights to underlights.

Of course, it's also true that things sometimes break in a motorhome. For example, we've had several water leaks and had to replace things like lights and mirrors.

Fixing your campervan: interior design and storage

We've also done a lot of work on the interior of our motorhome, including new carpet, new upholstery and LED lighting. In a motorhome you live in a small space, so smart storage solutions are important.

Fixing your motorhome: safety and accessories

Of course, it's important to feel safe in a motorhome. We've written a lot about safety and even installed some safety solutions in our own motorhome. There are of course lots of practical, smart and fun accessories for motorhomes.

Winter storage

If you have your motorhome in Sweden, it is of course best to store it indoors for the winter, as snow and cold put a strain on the motorhome. If you do need to store it outdoors, a blanket can be useful. Here are some tips on what to consider for winter storage.

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Once you've finished fixing up your motorhome, maybe you're ready to start travelling and adventuring? Below you'll find even more reading material.

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