A motorhome is both a car and a home, and it goes without saying that things break down sometimes. And of course you want to spruce up, rebuild and get new accessories. Here we have gathered information and tips on how to fix your motorhome. You'll find both posts describing what we've done with our motorhome and more general tips.

Things to consider when buying a motorhome

Are you thinking about buying a motorhome? There are a few things to consider before buying a motorhome. You can read more here:

Tyres for motor homes

Tyres are always important, but a motorhome is heavy, so tyres are even more important. Read more about motorhome tyres here:

Däck och däcktryck

Exterior design

We have done a lot of work on the exterior design of our motorhome. Among other things, we have foiled the entire car and put in a larger roof hatch.


Exterior lighting

We have also equipped our motorhome with a lot of new exterior lighting, from fog lights and position lights to underlights.

Ledslingor bak

Interior design

We have also done a lot of work on the interior of our motorhome, including new carpet, new upholstery and LED lighting.

Ledbelysning i husbil

Storage in Motorhome

In a motorhome you live in a small space, so smart storage solutions are essential. Here are some tips and ideas for storage:

Förvaring i husbil

Motorhome safety

Of course, it's important to feel safe in a motorhome. We've written a lot about safety and even installed some safety solutions in our own motorhome.



There are of course lots of practical, smart and fun accessories for motorhomes. Here you can find links to posts both about accessories we have ourselves and those we've read about or seen at trade fairs.

Heta campingprylar - på bilden nya campingstolar från Kama Fritid

Fun gadgets

Here we present some gadgets that may not be essential, but can be fun!


Winter storage

If you have your motorhome in Sweden, it is of course best to store it indoors for the winter, as snow and cold put a strain on the motorhome. If you do need to store it outdoors, a blanket can be useful. Here are some tips on what to consider for winter storage.

Vintertäcke till husbilen

Repairs and maintenance

It's obvious that things break down in a motorhome sometimes. For example, we've had several water leaks and had to replace things like lights and mirrors. Here you can read about the problems we have had and how we have solved them:

Foto missöde

Inspiration and information

There are lots of sites, forums, FB groups and blogs where you can find inspiration and information for fixing and travelling with your motorhome.


Read more

We write about new and old motorhome models, report from trade fairs and write about everything else related to motorhome life. Here you can see what we have written about recently:


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