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New furniture in the motorhome garage - and space for electric bikes

We now have a new interior in the motorhome garage. We wanted to make room for our electric bikes, and at the same time we have fixed new storage solutions for chairs, tables, tools and other things that we have in the garage. We were really pleased!

Furnishings in the motorhome garage

Yesterday we told you about our spring cleaning in the motorhomewhich included emptying the entire motorhome garage. The main reason for the change was that we wanted to bring in our electric bikes. We needed to free up space on the floor, so we organised storage and suspension along the walls.

Inredning i husbilens garage

Along one wall we attached our new tables and chairs, which we bought at the Elmia fair last autumn.

Inredning i husbilens garage

Here we also managed to squeeze in the electrics, petrol canister, mop for washing the motorhome and new leveling blocks, which we attached with elastic straps. There is also a safe in the floor, which we bolted on many years ago.

Inredning i husbilens garage

Hanging and shelving

For the storage of various small tools and gadgets, we bought an Elfasystem from Bauhaus. We bought the one that said "bathroom" on it, as we thought it was the most suitable for our purposes.

At Bauhaus we also got some suspension devices that we use for electric cables and water hoses. We especially like the bottom one, where there is a small shelf where we can put different connectors for the water hose.

Space for electric bikes

The whole reason we remodelled the garage was to make room for the electric bikes. Peter had taken measurements so we thought it would work, but as it got closer there was still some nervousness. Would we really get them in?

Yes, it went well! We have to bring in one from the left side and one from the right. Several people have suggested rails and ramps and it sounds easy, but it will probably be tricky as we have a tricycle and everything has to be "a bit on the wrong side". It will probably still work well. We will both fasten and lock the bikes.

Plats för elcyklar i husbilens garage
Plats för elcyklar i husbilens garage
Plats för elcyklar i husbilens garage

Storage on the doors

The last thing we did was to get new wall storage for both doors. Previously we had a black, slightly smaller wall storage on one door and this is still visible in some of the photos ... Peter found the new grey wall storage at Clas Ohlsson for 79 SEK each.

Inredning i husbilens garage

Ready to roll

Now we are ready to roll! We still have some work to do, but most of it is of a "cosmetic" nature. We need to change some windows, hatches and preferably the "foiling". But, it is tidy, we get the bikes in, and the motorhome works perfectly. So we can roll when we want to. Wonderful!

Do you have a motorhome? What are the contents of your motorhome garage?

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